Meeting Minutes November 10, 2010

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957
Theme: Veterans
Meeting Date: Nov. 10, 2010_ Called to order at: _7:04______ Location: Met Life bldg. _____
Presiding officer: Kevin Reichardt ________                    Toastmaster: Kevin Wilson    ______
Time Keeper: Steve Winheim        ________                Camera Op: Steve Flick          ______
Ah Counter: Eric Rechtin              ________                  Table Topics: Rob VanWinkle ______
Vote Counter: Brendt Stewart      ________                    Joke Master: Steve Flick          ______
Grammarian: Joe Archambault/Mike Marian                  General Eval: Kevin Reichardt _____
Invocator: Joanne Korba              ________                    Greeter:
Minutes were emailed in advance, corrected and accepted as read.
Officers’ Reports (VP Ed, VP Membership, VP PR, Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms, Officer at Large)
President Reichardt announced that we are doing very well in reaching our goals for the year, we have 2CC’s and 2AC’s we still need 2 more of each.  We also need 2 CL’s before July.  Our paperwork was on time, as of our renewal, so 6 of our 10 goals are completed.
Area Gov Becca Clark gave us a glowing report stating that we are a model of how effective Toastmasters meeting are run.  We asked her to come back in Jan. to give a speech explaining how all the award levels fit together focusing on the leadership requirements of the levels, also, sponsoring, coaching, area/district offices and HPI projects.
Committee Report
Education Committee is preparing an exit poll to find out why members left.
Dick Shields passed around a sign up sheet for the Holiday Party.  He will send it again or you can sign up on line.
It was suggested that we leave out the White Elephant gift to make more time for socializing.
Dee McAliney suggested a trivia game with a prize.
Old Business:

New Business:
Adam Kutell proposed that we look into a new meeting place since we were meeting in a room with no air conditioning.
Dick Shields reminded us that this room is free and it only happens a few times a year that we are in this particular room.
Rob VanWinkle reminded us that when we are in our regular room the air conditioner is too loud.
Howard weighed in with the fact that we used to meet at the Best Western and they charged us $62 a week and it was not nearly as nice or big.  We were extremely fortunate that Dick Shields was able to get this room.
Mike Marian suggested that we have a committee to look into a backup room.
Adam Kutell agreed to head a committee to look into an alternative.
Diane Fawcett, VP Membership suggested we postpone induction of a new member until next meeting since the business meeting ran so long.
Correspondence & Announcements:

The evening’s word was “Inundate”________________________________________________

Guests: Laurie Mestaugh, Steve Bettag, Sarah, freshman @ Fontbonne, Ava and Alyssa Archambault

Joe Archambault
Jack Bettag
Howard Brandt
Kathy Denton
Sue Dickemper
Diane Fawcett
Alicia Flamm
Steve Flick
Erin Gissel
Carl Hendrickson
Alan Kirby
Joanne Korba
Adam Kutell
Mike Marian
Dee McAliney
Petrina Monti
Ajay Panackal
Eric Rechtin
Kevin Reichardt
Judy Sowers
Rory Swift
Rob VanWinkle
Kevin Wilson
Steve Winheim
Laura Zemann

Speakers and Evaluators
Speaker 1:    Diane Fawcett ____________        Evaluator 1: Adam Kutell _____________
Speaker 2:    Carl Hendrickson _________                Evaluator 2: Erin Gissel  ______________
Speaker 3:    Alan Kirby ___________        Evaluator 3: Sue Dickemper_____________
Speaker 4:    _______________                    Evaluator 4:  ______________
Speaker 5:    ________________________        Evaluator 5: _________________________
Most Improved: Diane Fawcett  ___________                  Best Table: Topics: Howard Brandt_______
Best Evaluator:  Erin Gissel  ____________                Best Speaker: Alan Kirby____________
The General Evaluator rated the meeting a 9.3          Meeting adjourned at 9:00_____________
Closing remarks:
Judy Sowers would like the theme for our next meeting to be “Roots”
Steve Winheim says we used to have the schedule Emailed.  That way we could know in advance what we wert supposed to do.
Laura Zemann wants to remind us to sign the clipboard.
President Reichardt, in keeping with the theme of veterans, says his favorite film was Band Of Brothers, in particular the episode where they were under fire in their foxholes while also trying to avoid frostbite. “Please remember what they went through to keep us free”
Minutes submitted by, Petrina Monti, Secretary.

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