Two New Members Inducted! The Year’s Not Over Yet!!

Ajay Panackal Padathu is a Manufacturing Engineer who enjoys music, reading and travel.  Ajay had heard of Toastmasters when pursuing his engineering degrees, but this is his first opportunity to actually become a member.  He wants to practice the art of persuasive speaking, along with developing his leadership skills.  Erin Gissel will be a tremendous help as his mentor.  Welcome, Ajay! 

Rory Swift is a Design Engineer with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  His interests include swimming, running and strategic thinking games.  He comes to Toastmasters with the hopes of becoming a dynamic speaker.  Rory is in good hands with Don Clair as his mentor.  We look forward to Rory’s first speech!

(Left to right) Erin Gissel, Ajay Panackal, Rory Swift, Don Clair

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