How to Post to the SCTM Website

Here are changes using the new editor as of November – 2018.

– As of Nov. 19th, you can go back and forth between the old and new editor.

It appears that it is very similar to the past except it is putting everything in a block. You edit items in the block.
– The text editor is found under the 3 dots and is called Code Editor.
– It still does not handle YouTube correctly when using just t=seconds. You need to change it to t=45m12s
– It also appears that you cannot delete a YouTube video easily. I have to go to the text editor to delete it.
– There appears to be a lot more code than with the classic editor.
– It has a Spotlight Mode which highlights the block you are working on. You get it from the 3 dots menu.
– The Cirlce+ at the top left allows you to add a image, plus it has many more options.
Table – you can now add a table from the circle+ menu. The options are limited.
Categories – they only go down to Q. Categories past this don’t display. It appears they have changed this bug.
– To change back to the Classic Editor until the above bug is fixed, click on the 3 dots. The Classic Editor is near the bottom.


This is an updated video as of September 28, 2016.

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