Meeting Minutes – July 28, 2010

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957

Meeting Date: July 28, 2010_ Called to order at: 7:00______ Location: Met Life bldg. 107-c__

Presiding officer:  Kevin Reichardt _____________        Toastmaster:  Brendt Stewart____________

Time Keeper:  Joe Archambault    ______________     Camera Operator:  Petrina Monti_________

Ah Counter:  Sue Dickemper_________________          Table Topics:  Steve Flick _____________

Vote Counter:  Diane Fawcett ______________              Joke Master:  Alan Kirby_______________

Grammarian:  Nilsa Scott   ___________________         General Evaluator:  Kathy Denton_________

Invocator:  Charles Benn     ___________________

Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed, corrected and approved.

Officers’ Reports (VP Ed, VP Membership, VP PR, Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms, Officer at Large)

None ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Committee Reports:



Old Business:


New Business:

VP Membership submitted an application for Mark Vance.  Motion was made by President Reichardt to accept marks application.  The motion was seconded by Max Kaiser Jr.  A vote was taken and passed.  Max Kaiser Jr. has volunteered to be Marks mentor.

Treasurer, Joe Archambault requested reimbursement for advance payment of dues.  Motion was made by President Reichardt to make reimbursement and was seconded by Steve Flick.  A vote was taken and passed.


Correspondence & Announcements:

Tom Terrific is offering a class in Power Point on Saturday, Aug 7, at 9:00AM at his house:
9016 Robyn Rd. 63126 Please email Tom if you plan on attending.


The evening’s word was “Cohesive”________________________________________________

Guests: Lisa Rimmert, Eric Rechtin

Joe Archambault

Jack Bettag

Don Clair

Kathy Denton

Sue Dickemper

Diane Fawcett

Steve Flick

Erin Gissel

Carl Hendrickson

Max Kaiser, Jr.

Alan Kirby

Joanne Korba

Adam Kutell

Mike Marion

Petrina Monti

Kevin Reichardt

Jim Ruzika

Barb Sapienza

Nilsa Scott

Dick Sheilds

Brent Stewart

Tom Terrific

Mark Vance

Gina Willard

Steve Winheim

Laura Zemann

Speakers and Evaluators

Speaker 1:         Erin Gissel____________                    Evaluator 1: Jack Bettag_______________
Speaker 2:         Carl Hendrickson______________      Evaluator 2: Tom Terrific___________
Speaker 3:         Laura Zemann___________                Evaluator 3: Adam Kutell_____________
Speaker 4:           _____________                                Evaluator 4: ___________
Speaker 5:         ________________________            Evaluator 5: __________________


Most Improved: Adam Kutell ____________                 Best Table Topics: Barb Sapienza_________
Best Evaluator:  Tom Terrific ____________                 Best Speaker: Carl Hendrickson____________

The General Evaluator rated the meeting a 7.0__            Meeting adjourned at 8:57_______________

Minutes submitted by, Petrina Monti, Secretary.

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