Meeting Minutes April 14, 2010

Meeting took place in room 107-C, MetLife Service Center
Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.
Presiding Officer, Alan Kirby

* Toastmaster, Howard Brandt
* Timekeeper, Carl Hendrickson
* Camera, Diane Fawcett
* “Ah” Counter, Karl Beck
* Table Topics, Bill Collier
* Vote Counter, Dick Shields
* Joke Master, Joe Archambault
* Grammarian, Sue Dickemper (“remiss”)
* General Evaluator, Tom Terrific
* Invocator, Mike Marian
* Greeter, Laura Zemann

Minutes from 4/7/10, with addendum, were accepted.

* None

* Education – Carl Hendrickson stated that a “member retention” survey, of those who have been members for fewer than three (3) months would be conducted in the near future

* None

* Casey Reid was inducted into club #1957 this evening. Steve Flick is his mentor.

* Alan Kirby announced that the club is just one point away from receiving President’s Distinguished Status with 2-1/2 months remaining in the 2009-2010 year.
* Kevin Wilson announced (during evaluation) that Adam Kutell reached Competent Communicator status with 4/14 speech.

* Archambault, Joseph
* Beck, Karl
* Brandt, Howard
* Brown, Chris
* Clair, Donald
* Collier, Bill
* Denton, Kathy
* Dickemper, Sue
* Fawcett, Diane
* Flick, Steve
* Hendrickson, Carl
* Kirby, Alan
* Kiser, George
* Kutell, Adam
* Mafort, Amby
* Marian, Mike
* Monti, Petrina
* Reid, Casey
* Reichardt, Kevin
* Sapienza, Barb
* Scott, Nilsa
* Shields, Dick
* Smith, Drew
* Terrific, Tom
* Wilson, Kevin
* Zemann, Laura

* Laury (sp?)
* Long Chen
* Amy (friend of Adam K.)
* Lily (sp?), Amy’s daughter

Total Attendance = 30 (26 members, 4 guests)

* Adam Kutell/Kevin Wilson
* Amby Mafort/Petrina Monti
* Steve Flick/George Kiser

* Most Improved, Adam Kutell
* Best Table Topics, Kathy Denton
* Best Evaluator, George Kiser
* Best Speaker, Steve Flick

General Evaluator’s Rating – 9.9

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Steve Flick, club Secretary

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