Club Survey 2009

Club Survey – July 2009

31 collected surveys
Club Meetings A S NI
Questions: (followed by members’ comments)
#1 Is the business meeting conducted quickly and efficiently? 15    14    2
  • Presider often deficient in parliamentary procedure
  • Business meeting is covered quickly, but could sometimes be covered more efficiently.  Some leaders/club members aren’t fully understanding of meeting etiquette and/or rules of order.  Some education in this area may help.
  • Business meetings may need to be slower.
#2 Are programs interesting and varied? 25     5    1
  • VP Education could establish a theme night for all rather than leaving it to the discretion of the Toastmaster.
  • I think our club is very open and accepting, which allows others to inject their creativity into their meeting roles.
  • I like the themes we have had.  Toastmaster sets the tone, and with the diverse group we have, our meetings are always interesting.
#3 Are speakers, evaluators and other meeting participants
reminded of their responsibilities well in advance? 23    8     0
  • Is it necessary?  Where is our responsibility?
  • Occasionally, the Toastmaster or GE forgets to timely contact the meeting participants
  • I wish we did not need the reminders.
  • Through monthly schedules, thanks to VP of Education
#4 Are speeches well-prepared and based on manual projects? 17    14    0
  • Occasionally, there are weak speeches, but generally they display preparation and practice.
  • All speeches are well prepared, but not all are based on manual projects.  Members should feel free to pursue the projects they feel will best further their own development.
  • Most speeches are well prepared.  Sometimes the manuals aren’t followed.
#5 Are evaluations positive, helpful and constructive? 21    8     2
  • This is a very supportive group.  Everyone delivers their feedback with the hope that they are helping the speaker to grow.
  • Sometimes, but there is occasionally an evaluation that comes across too negative.
  • Suggestions for improvement are not always given in the evaluation.
#6 Is everyone given an opportunity to participate in the program? 18     8    5
  • I like the fact that the VP of Education asks members for what roles and when they would like to be scheduled.
  • Sometimes the Table Topics Master misses members who don’t have a role.
  • A few members have recently monopolized the speaking role.
  • The Table Topics Master should bring in those with no speaking role.  Often, the TT Master fails to call on those members and they do not get to participate.
  • The Table Topics Master should be aware of those who do not have a role.
#7 Are officers effective in their roles as leaders? 17    14   0
  • Sometimes officers are handed the materials without knowing what is expected of them.
  • All of our officers are doing their best, but some may benefit from being mentored by members who have been in their role previously.
  • Overall I think everyone does a nice job, but some are better than others. Having been an officer, I found that being a member came second to being an officer – not enough time to devote to both and be effective.  I found myself having to focus more on being the officer and fulfilling those duties rather than being an participating member.
#8 Do officers report on the club’s progress in the Distinguished
Club Program? 5    16    8
  • I’m not sure where we stand alot of the time.
  • I’m not sure what this means and I was an officer last term.
  • I have heard officers report some, but don’t know if they do it as often as needed. A visual aid or a section of the website could be used as a good means to keep track for all to see
  • Officers could do more often.
  • More frequent reports would help avoid coming up short at the end of the Toastmaster year in June.
#9 Do members understand how they play a part in the Distinguished
Club Program? 3    14    12
  • Not all members have a clear picture of the program and how they play a part.  VPE or another member could give a presentation on the program at least once a year or have a handout to give new members as they  join.
  • I am a new member and I do not understand how I play a part.  It would be good to provide some education to new members on this topic.
  • I think there can be more education about this program.  Would be beneficial to all members.
#10 Is there a friendly atmosphere during the meeting? 30     1     0
  • Always
  • Absolutely.  I have felt very welcome and have been given a lot of immediate opportunities to assume different roles during club meetings.
  • I can always count on leaving having laughed more than a couple of times.
  • This is one of our best qualities.
#11 Does the club use committees to involve/engage members and
get important club work accomplished? 17     9     4
  • It would be beneficial to form one or two more committees that would benefit members, i.e. a social committee since our meetings are very structured and don’t allow time for visiting.
  • It appears that people are always willing to volunteer to help fill a need or accomplish a project.
  • We do not have many committees.
  • I would be cautious about forming a lot of committees.  It takes away from the main reason why people want to be in Toastmasters.  Additional committees require additional time and that takes away from time for preparing speeches and other TM meeting roles.
#12 Do you like the idea of dividing into 2 groups for speeches? YES NO 16  Maybe 5
  • Dividing into two groups would be acceptable if we did it once a month or once in a while.  I would hate to miss out on seeing everyone’s speeches all of the time, as I feel there is something to learn from each speaker.
  • I’d prefer not to do this, but if necessary would nothave a big problem with it.
  • Yes, but not on a regular basis.  Perhaps one meeting a month.
  • If members need more speaking opportunities, it’s okay.  We’ve done it in the past.
  • Yes, but only for specialized programs, i.e. Speechcraft.
  • No, I don’t think this would be beneficial to the SCTM group.  It would take away from the cohesiveness of the group.  I enjoy hearing everyone’s speeches.  Splitting into two groups would have a negative impact on the gorup.  I would be in favor of a speech-a-thon every 2 months for those who don’t feel they are being scheduled to speak often enough.
  • If necessary, to accommodate all who want to give speeches.
#13 What other improvements can be made during our meetings?
  • May need variable speaking techniques
  • Hold Speak-a-thon meetings occasionally
  • Shorten Table Topics to fit in a 5th speech
  • Do a “Backwards” meeting, conduct meeting from end to beginning
  • Meetings are fine
  • Have special programs, i.e., Tall Tales Contest, Ghost Story Contest
  • Three speakers per meeting is enough so we don’t run past 9:00
  • Need to add an award for “Best Gestures” given out at end of each meeting with other awards
  • Would like a “Humor” Counter, as Grammarian counts word of the evening to keep track and report on humor used in speeches
  • Grammarian could give out candy for each person who used the word of the evening, paid for by the Crayon quarters.
  • Would prefer room be set up in a horseshoe formation if at all possible
  • Have a Waiting List of those who could have a speech prepared to fill in for last minute cancellations
  • Members should return to the professional dress code, has become too casual, i.e. Presidents Karl and Rich set a good example in their wearing suits.
  • Meetings are handled well.
  • Need to mix longer speeches with shorter speeches somehow.
  • Handle business portion of meeting and motions more smoothly
  • Improve website accessibility and functionality
  • The work needs to be divided more evenly among all the members.  It seems some of the members are willing to do alot of work while others slide by.
  • Evaluations need to have more constructive criticism.
  • Shorten business meeting and the new member induction.
  • Members who are camera operators during the meeting should be reminded to watch the video by Tom Terrific on how to operate the camera.
  • Develop a fair system of making role assignments – Require all members to perform all assignments, not just a select few roles.
  • Have VP-Education meet with new members to discuss how Toastmasters can help to improve their speaking skills, find out what each member wants to get out of the club and then assist in developing a plan to help the members achieve goals.
  • Members should not split up for the purpose of getting in more speeches.  Members should remain together for the camaraderie and networking.

Membership Questions

12 surveys blank
6 surveys – Contact members who have been absent for several meetings to find out why, and encourage to return.
3 surveys – Mentor needs to make frequent, personal contact with new member to help new member fit in and make sure their goals are being met.
2 surveys – Doing a good job
2 surveys – Make sure all active members have the opportunity to reach their goals/make presentations.

2 surveys – Contact guests to welcome them and ask them to come back
1 survey -Currently we focus alot on new members;but not enough on active members – this is why we lose members.
1 survey – More excitement is needed
1 survey – Even though we lose members, we regenerate ourselves.
1 survey – Need to use the talent of tenured members for their experience and leadership abilities – officers need to be a mix of newer and more tenured members.
Meeting Roles
14 surveys blank
6 surveys – Make sure everyone is assigned all the roles as equally as possible. Roles should be equally rotated among all members.
4 surveys – Each member needs to understand how to fulfill their assigned role – either through a periodic educational presentation, or by the Toastmaster/GE reviewing role duties with members, or the member should read up on their role’s duties.
2 surveys – We are doing a good job.
2 surveys – Members need to have input on the roles they want/need for the month. Have members sign up for the roles they want.

1 survey – Draw names for the various roles
1 survey – Have the person in the Hot Seat role also have a prepared speech for that night in case someone cancels at the last minute.

1 survey – Create a new position. This new position would evaluate other members as they perform roles. This new position would complete the Competent Leadership manual for the person being evaluated.. A separate schedule could be made for this role, not to conflict with the VPE’s schedule, but to work along with the VPE.
15 surveys blank
9 surveys – Make sure the mentors understand club guidelines for the role of mentor, educating the mentors as to what is expected of them. Have an educational session with mentors/new members.
3 surveys – We are doing a good job.

2 surveys – New members are also mentored by “unofficial” mentors, those with whom a new member may feel more comfortable. The new member gains different pieces of experience/advice from these unofficial mentors.
1 survey – Men should mentor men, and women should mentor women.
1 survey – Need to be more selective in fitting the right mentor with the new member.

Club Committees

20 surveys blank
3 surveys – Encourage new members to get involved in committees. Need more variety of members to be on committees.
1 survey – We have what we need.

1 survey – Use as needed.
1 survey – We have few committees, but thinks by-laws require more than we have.
1 survey – If officers are effective, few committees are necessary.

1 survey – Need an education committee to keep club on track with goals and to organize education workshops.
1 survey – Club needs each committee to have set goals and to present regular reports to club.
1 survey – We need to use caution about forming too many committees – time restraints. Takes away from reason people join TM and takes away from time to prepare speeches and perform other TM meeting roles.
1 survey – Club committees are good because it helps to improve club and members goals, assigns accountability and provides measurable results.
15 surveys blank
6 surveys – We are doing a good job.
3 surveys – Use social networking sites on the Internet, i.e. Facebook. This would allow non-members to learn more about the group and to reach out to us if interested.
2 surveys – Have flyers/brochures. Members could give to co-workers, friends, relatives.
2 surveys – Could use more press releases. More radio and television exposure would be good.
1 survey – Get involved with charity events or trivia nights.
1 survey – Every member should bring a friend to a meeting.
1 survey – Word of mouth is the best source.
14 surveys blank
5 surveys – Have awards presented during Toastmaster meetings to members who have reached goals. Suggested types of recognition – small recognitions as goals are reached, certificates, a display board at meetings or on website to show all members’ progress, have a party or treats to celebrate members’ accomplishments.
4 surveys – Need to have a Toastmaster of the Year award at end of TM year. Also Circle of Achievement Award.
3 surveys – Should have an Awards Night or Dinner where plaques/awards are presented for various achievements by members as well as club as a whole. Need to recognize officers’ contributions, also.
2 surveys – Can always have more awards/recognition.

2 surveys – We do a good job of this but there is room for improvement. Ways we already show recognition – applause, verbal evaluations, written evaluations, honorable mention at the end of meeting.
1 survey – Need to have an educational session explaining the various levels within TM

Tom Terrific – Educational Activities
– Train members on club officer duties
– Train on CL, ACB etc. – 3,
– Evaluating,
– Camera operation – 2,
– Speaking Techniques – Vocal Variety – writing a speech, etc
– Interviewing
– Sales Presentations
– Public Affairs.
– starting your own business,
– professional speaking,
– DCP,
– Contest Judging,
– Meeting roles,
– new member training –
– books and how they should be used,
– general communication skills,
– monthly training on better speaking,
– Educational topics twice a month,
– impromptu speaking,
– storytelling,
– using humor,
– mentoring training,
– parliamentary procedure,
– Have Educational Workshops
– Need more speaking opportunities,
– We need to do a better job transitioning officers from one term to the next – 2
– Meeting with new members for training and listening to their goals.
– Recognition at end of year for attendance, contribution, outstanding TM.
– Full Circle Award.- 2
– List of speakers to fill-in
– All members perform all assignments.- 3
– Board/Website-  with Member Progress.
Misc – Don’t like lengthy business meetings -2
Note: The responses for the following three questions are in numerical order and each matching-number response is from the same member, i.e. the #3 response for each question is from the same member.
What do you like best about SCTM’s?
  1. The people!
  2. We have a great atmosphere in our club.
  3. The camaraderie and positive nature of the group.
  4. Supportive, friendly atmosphere, that we exercise our freedom of speech and religion.
  5. High level of speaker competence, friendship, quality evaluations, opportunities aplenty for personal improvement.
  6. Great people, very supportive, always have a good time at meetings.
  7. The people!
  8. That we follow a format, that we have a friendly, fun atmosphere, but also, professional.
  9. I get something out of every meeting.
  10. I am very happy with the club and enjoy coming and participating in the meetings, even after a long day at work.  I think our membership is more that adequate and do not see improvement needed.
  11. Growth-change metamorphic.
  12. Structure of meetings, instruction, camaraderie, community interaction.
  13. This is a well-established club that has endured at a high level for 30+ years.  Must be doing something right.
  14. Interesting & informative presentations.
  15. Diverse group, safe environment to learn, encouraging.  Members will step in to help fill a role, professional group but fun, also.
  16. The spirit of excellence.
  17. Warm, friendly, encouraging atmosphere.
  18. The detailed plan to become a Competent Communicator. Lots of positive feedback.  Ability to go at your own pace.  Friendly people.
  19. Positive, supportive atmosphere.
  20. Friendly people, good organization and preparation.
  21. Positive environment, great way to improve speaking in a non-threatening way.
  22. Warm, friendly atmosphere
  23. Great learning lab, wonderful support, lots of quality people and speakers.
  24. Positive, upbeat, encouraging, little pressure
  25. High attendance and friendly atmosphere.
  26. The fun and camaraderie, the way the members interact and enjoy each other’s personalities.
  27. The People! Warm, encouraging and fun group of people.
  28. A good club in a good location, normally well run.
  29. The people! The energy!
  30. I learn something every week. I have met wonderful people and feel part of a family here.
What do you like least about SCTM’s?
  1. N/A
  2. We should consider making changes every now and then, so everybody who attends the meetings could have the chance to participate.
  3. N/A
  4. The temperature in the meeting room is always very hot.
  5. Over-emphasis on doing it the way we’ve always done it because, well, we’ve always done it that way, curmudgeonly friction.
  6. The current facility is great in many ways & the dues are very inexpensive – what I don’t like is the restrooms are far away and the cleaning people seem to have scheduled cleaning right when we have our break. Also, I wish we had a microphone and the ability to show Power Point slides.
  7. The VP-Education’s role is mainly a “scheduler”.  I believe this role should be inspiring and motivating the membership to grow and achieve individual and club goals.
  8. N/A
  9. It can be a little too time consuming.
  10. That I work Saturdays and cannot attend contest and officer meetings on Saturdays.
  11. N/A
  12. Business meeting sometimes lengthy.
  13. Recently, we tend to allow individual members to set personal criteria that may not be good for the overall club.
  14. Failure to adequately prepare for a role.  I suggest we need to emphasize the need to study requirements of a role before undertaking it.
  15. Lately, there has been some conflicting agendas being voiced in our meetings, making some members uncomfortable.
  16. The transition from one officer role to another.  It could be a little smoother.
  17. Wednesday nights at 7:00 – very difficult due to travel schedule.
  18. The time of week – Wednesdays are hard.
  19. I’m afraid the prayer turns off potential new members.
  20. Overt political leanings, especially when expressed as a group opinion.
  21. Time committment
  22. N/A
  23. N/A
  24. Parking in the winter!
  25. Discussion of policies.
  26. The commitment to a weekly meeting (I realize one does not have to come every week)
  27. As every club, there are a few members who are not reliable.  Some do not show up when they have an assigned role and do not answer emails when asked if they are going to fulfill their role.  This causes others to have to scramble at the last minute.
  28. Unfairness in the jobs on the schedule.  We need to give every member equal appointments to all jobs, especially speaking.
  29. I find the club’s right wing conservative members to be too outspoken on their views.
  30. When I have to miss a meeting.
Including time with other clubs, how long have you been a member of Toastmasters

  1. Less than two months
  2. 2 1/2 years
  3. 25+ years
  4. 9 months
  5. 4 years
  6. 16 years
  7. 5 years
  8. 2 years
  9. 2 1/2 years
  10. 2 years
  11. 25 year
  12. 18 years
  13. 25+ years
  14. 30 years+
  15. 2 1/2 years
  16. 15 months’
  17. One month + Speech Crafters
  18. 1 1/2 months
  19. 4 years
  20. 3 years
  21. 4+ years
  22. 3 months
  23. 13 years
  24. N/A
  25. 1 1/2 years
  26. 5 years
  27. 1 1/2 years
  28. 45 years
  29. 5 years
  30. 8 months

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