Meeting Minutes – Sept. 2, 2009

Regular Meeting Minutes of South County Toastmasters Club # 1957


Meeting Date: Wednesday September 2, 2009

Called To Order At: 7:02 pm CDT
Location: 107-C (Right-side)

Presiding Officer: Rich Ullrich, President

Toastmaster: Mike Dobrich
General Evaluator: Carl Hendrickson

Time Keeper:     Erin Gissel
Ah Counter:     Steve Flick
Vote Counter:     Sherrie McNail
Grammarian:     CaroleEmbree      “Acquiesce”
Invocator:     Steven Hamm
Camera Operator: Tom Terrific
Table Topics:     Dee McAliney
Joke Master     Diane Fawcett
Hot Seat:
Greeter:         Cynthia Grega

The minutes from August 19 (revised) and August 26 (revised) meetings were accepted as sent via e-mail to all members.



VP of Education:

VP of Membership: Sue Dickemper announced that she created one document from the member survey for further processing and statistics.

VP of Public Relations:

Treasurer:  Mike Dobrich announced that dues are due soon and he would like checks as soon as possible.
Sergeant of Arms:
Officer at Large:


MARKETING COMMITTEE:  Bill Collier announced t surveys from 1 ½ months ago, data was compiled, thanked members responsible for helping, and will deliver results of the survey in the September 9th meeting as a 2-slot speaking role, about 15 minutes. He requested follow-up by officers.
SCHEDULING COMMITTEE:  Tom Terrific announced that our VP of Education is following the guidelines that came out of the committee results.
FILL-IN SPEECH COMMITTEE: Carl Hendrickson reported the following via an email to the secretary after the meeting:

I (Carl) am scheduled to give a
speech on behalf of SCTM to the local chapter of the AARP this month
(Tuesday the 15th).

Second, I announced the following have agreed to be “last minute fill-in

Howard Brandt – Parliamentary Procedrures and Roberts Rules
Carl Hendrickson – Mentoring
Max Kaiser – Effective Evaluation
Jim Ruzicka – the Effective Use of Humor
Barb Sapienza – Using the Competent Leadership Manual
Tom Terrific – Correct Use of SCTM Camera
Tom Terrific – How to Prepare that “Terrific” Speech
Rich Ullrich –  Club Management Plan
Brent Stewart – Public Affairs


Club goals were discussed by Rich Ullrich, as reported in the meeting with Area Governor Paul Cook.
The area contest is scheduled for Sept 12th, 9:30am at the Oak Bend Branch library, and  they need assistants for contest roles.
Rich Ullrich mentioned that the Area Governor will be hosting a picnic/party right afterwards, and all are invited.

Mike Dobrich motioned to reimburse Sue Dickemper for binder purchase, and the motion carried.
Tom Terrific mentioned the “Full Circle Award” reinstatement that honors members who have taken on the full list of meeting roles.
Karl Beck requested reimbursement for trophy cost from the previous week’s contest.  A motion to reimburse Karl carried.

The division contest will be coming up in October.
The District 8 Fall contest will be held on Nov 20 and 21.
Paul Cook reiterated that he wants our membership to take part in area leadership.
Sherrie McNail announced that this meeting would be her last with SCTM because of scheduling conflicts.

Brenda McNaughton
David Welshon
Laura Zemann

Karl Beck
Howard Brandt
Karen Busch
Don Clair
Bill Collier
Kathy Denton
Sue Dickemper
Mike Dobrich
Carole Embree
Diane Fawcett
Steve Flick
Erin Gissel
Cynthia Grega
Steve Hamm
Carl Hendrickson
Max Kaiser
Adam Kutell
Dee McAliney
Sherrie McNail
Petrina Monti
Kevin Reichardt
Dick Shields
Brent Stewart
Tom Terrific
Rich Ullrich
Gina Willard
Kevin Wilson

(Total: _27_ plus 3 guests)


Speaker 1: Karl Beck
Speaker 2: Max Kaiser
Speaker 3: Karen Busch
Speaker 4: Don Clair

Evaluator 1: Howard Brandt
Evaluator 2: Sue Dickemper
Evaluator 3: Bill Collier
Evaluator 4: Kathy Denton


Most Improved: Karen Busch
Best Evaluator: Bill Collier
Best Table Topics: Brent Stewart
Best Speaker: Don Clair


Rating for the meeting: 8.5
Meeting adjourned at 9:07 PM CDT

Respectively Submitted, Adam Kutell: Secretary

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