Meeting Minutes – February 1, 2023

South County Toastmasters Club 1957

Meeting Type/Theme: New Year’s Resolutions

Meeting Location:  Sunset Hills Community Center and Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Debbie Young

President Debbie Young asked if there were any corrections or additions to be made to the minutes from the January 18, 2023, meeting.  The minutes were approved as posted.

Officer Reports:

President: Debbie Young

  1. Our club contest was held last week. It takes about 10 functionaries to hold a contest. A lot of clubs do not have enough members to hold a contest, so we are lucky to have a large enough club to hold contests. Thanks to everyone who assisted with the contest. Our Area contest will be held on the 11th. Brendan Akos will be running it and is looking for volunteers to help out. You can not be a judge for our area contest but you can be for another area. If you are interested contact Debbie Young.
  2. Steve Burchett announced that Area 18 needs Ballot Counters and Judges. Their contest is at the same time as ours, so if you volunteer for theirs you will not be able to attend ours.
  3. The Community Center is extending their hours to 9 pm. Debbie will send out a survey. Next week we will vote on if we want to keep our meeting time at 6 – 8 pm, or move it to 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

VPE: Adam Fox.  No Report

VPM: Susan McConnell informed us that Katherine Burch requested Judges for their 3 day Speech & Debate tournament for homeschool youth to be held 2/9 – 11th at the Rock Church in Ballwin (15101 Manchester Road). If interested, the Link to sign up is:

The full page of information for the event will follow the minutes below.

VPPR: Patrick Hunt. No Report

Treasurer:  Jim Salih, Treasurer report.

  • Jim sent the January club financial statement via email. No action, $2055 is the balance.
  • Dues will be collected for the next term in mid February or March.

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Charles Giamarino.  No report.


Speech Contest

Jim Salih, announced the winners of last week’s contests.

International Speech Contest: 1. Steve Burchett; 2. Patrick Hunt; 3. Debbie Young

Humorous Speech Contest: 1. Bill Collier; 2. Liz DeCamp; 3. George Kiser

Congratulations to the winners and participants. Steve and Bill will move on to the Area 4 contest to be held Saturday 02/11/2023. 2nd place winners may fill in if a first place winner can not attend, so second place winners should also plan to attend the area contest. All members are welcome and will be appreciated to attend the area contest to cheer on your fellow club members. Link:

Unfinished Business:  None

New Businesss: None

Correspondence and Announcements: 

Brian Berman joined Just Right Chicago writers group and talked about ways to improve writing. It was a lot of fun and he was able to expand on his social life in person.

Jim Salih – On Feb 20 he will be giving a 2 hour class on photos with St. Louis Oasis.

Business Meeting Adjourned 6:11 pm


ToastmasterPatrick Hunt
Table Topics MasterDeborah Weniger
General EvaluatorSusan Janick
GrammarianBrian Berman
TimerCharles Giamarino
Speaker 1Jackie Compton
Speaker 2George Kiser
Speaker 3Susan McConnell
Evaluator 1Rob VanWinkle
Evaluator 2Debbie Young
Evaluator 3Julie Zeitler
Invocator/JokemasterJim Salih
Vote CounterSamira Mujdzic
AH CounterCallie Koehr


Best Table Topics Liz DeCamp
Best Evaluator Debbie Young
Best Speaker George Kiser
Most Improved Julie Zeitler

Word of the Day:   Emphatic used 7 times

Ah Counter Report:  1 crutch word was heard by the Ah Counter                                   

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 pm


Sunset Hills Community Center: Jackie Compton; Charles Giamarino; Patrick Hunt; Suzanne Janick; George Kiser; Callie Koehr; Susan McConnell; Samira Mujdzic; J.D. Perper; Jim Salih; Rob Van Winkle; Deborah Weniger; Debbie Young, Julie Zeitler

  • Zoom: Brian Berman; Steve Burchett, Liz DeCamp; Kathy Denton;
  • Visitors:  Vicky Collet, Herb Deleforia, Elizabeth (Liz) KilKer

Total Member Attendance 19 out of 32

StreakAttendance (5 or more in a row):
73Debbie Young
10Jim Salih
9Charles Giamarino
6Jackie Compton
6Susan McConnell
6J.D. Perper
6Rob VanWinkle
6Deborah Weniger
If you have a streak count to add or that differs from one posted, contact the secretary to update the list.

Next week’s Toastmaster is Victor Mattison and GE is Steve Burchett

Midwest Speech & Debate Tournament for Homeschool Youth

Midwest Speech & Debate Tournament for Homeschool Youth

Community Judges Needed

Join us for an orientation, judge a round, give feedback, and then enjoy a delicious St. Louis-themed meal!

Who can Judge? Ages 19+

Where: The Rock Church, Ballwin

 15101 Manchester Road

When: February 9-11, 2023 (Thursday-Saturday)

                          Judging slots available throughout the day.

Events: Choose from Speech or Debate!

  • Debate: (Team Policy, Value & Impromptu-Parliamentary)
  • Speech: Prepared Speeches, Interpretive (Dramatic) Speeches, and Limited Preparation (Impromptu, Apologetics, Mars Hill and Extemporaneous)

Sign Up:

Questions? Text Katherine Burch 314.319.2010/ Email

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