Meeting Minutes February 9, 2022

South County Toastmasters Club 1957

Meeting Type/Theme:  International Speech and Evaluation Contest – Practice Contest

Meeting Location:  Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Jim Salih

President Jim Salih asked if there were any corrections or additions to be made to the meeting minutes of February 2, 2022. Hearing none, the minutes were approved as posted.

Officer Report:

President: Jim Salih

  1. Marketing materials, i.e. posters, signs and brochures have been created to help build membership.  These will be distributed throughout the Sunset Hills Community Center starting on February 16, 2022.
  2. Jim Salih has written an article about South County Toastmasters to be published in a local newspaper.  He is asking for suggestions on which newspapers he should contact to publish the article.
  3. Jim Salih will be teaching the Speechcraft class, scheduled to begin on February 21, 2022.  The VPPR and VPM are working on promoting this program, to increase club membership.
  4. The Club will have a special themed meeting titled “What’s My Line” on March 30, 2022.  Sandy Roll, VPM, will invite the public and former members to attend this special event.  Please invite your friends and anyone who may be interested in joining Toastmasters..
  5. Please wear your name tag when attending the meetings at Sunset Hills Community Center.

Other officers and Committee Reports: No reports.

Business Meeting Adjourned 6:10 pm


Contest ChairmanDebbie Young
Contest MasterVictor Mattison
Chief JudgeTom Terrific
TimerRob Van Winkle
TimerCallie Koehr
Pattern SpeakerSteve Burchett
Evaluator 1Bill Collier
Evaluator 2Jim Salih
Speaker 1Liz DeCamp
Speaker 2J.D. Perper
Invocator         Rob Van Winkle


Evaluators1. Bill Collier
 2. Jim Salih
Speeches1. Liz DeCamp
 2. J. D. Perper

Meeting Adjourned: 7:50 pm


  • Zoom:  J.D. Perper; Debbie Young; Steve Burchett; Susan McConnell; Bill Collier; Victor Mattison; Jim Salih;; Sandy Roll; Liz DeCamp; Nancy Alba; Patrick Hunt; Rob Van Winkle; Bill Day; Adam Fox; Sean Sheehan; Callie Koehr; Tom Terrific. Visitor: Ho (unknown last name)

Total Member Attendance 17 out of 29

StreakAttendance (5 or more in a row):
43J.D. Perper
31Debbie Young
25Jim Salih
15Susan McConnell

Submitted by Susan McConnell, Secretary

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