Meeting Minutes November 11, 2021

South County Toastmasters Club 1957

Meeting Type/Theme: Theme: Veterans Day

Meeting Location: Sunset Hills Community Center/Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Bill Collier as Acting-President

Word of the Night: Gregarious

Acting-President, Bill Collier, asked if there were any corrections or additions to be made to the meeting minutes of November 3, 2021, hearing none, the minutes stand as posted.

Officers Reports:

  • President Patrick Hunt: not present
  • VPE Bill Collier: Bill asked if we should have meetings during the holiday season. Specifically, should we meet on December 22 and 29. After a short discussion, Jim Salih moved that we do not meet on those two dates, the motion was seconded and passed by the membership.
  • VPPR Liz DeCamp: no report
  • VPM Sandy Roll: not present
  • Treasurer Brent Stewart: Brent wanted approval from the club to pay the $80.00 dues for our Sunset Hills Chamber of Commerce membership. The consensus was not to renew because we weren’t taking advantage of the membership and that money could be used for other things that may bring in new membership. The club decided to delay a decision until the Executive Board could take it up at their monthly meeting on Thursday, November 12. 
  • Secretary Jim Salih: no report
  • Sgt-at-Arms JD Perper: no report

Committee reports – no report

Correspondence or Announcements – 

  • Bill Collier mentioned that we may want to keep the holiday party simple and just meet at a local restaurant.
  • Kathy Denton gave a report on our drive towards President’s Distinguished listing how many goals we must reach before June 30, 2021. She feels that they may be harder to attain than in the past because we currently schedule only two speakers a week.
  • Kathy Denton related that she is getting support from local high schools in the completion of her High Performance Leadership Project.

Unfinished business – Sue McConnell announced that the nominating committee met and is working towards announcing a slate of officers. Talk to Susan if you want to run for office.

New business – Jim Salih expressed a frustration with the recurring problem of members who have a role at a meeting and tell the Toastmaster-of-the-Night that they can’t makeit then don’t bother to find a replacement. He suggested that the new executive board discuss this situation in the coming new year. Jim also asked why the Hot Seat position has been eliminated from the schedule. Bill Collier said that he dropped it because it is too difficult getting members to fill all the positions we have with such low active membership.

Business Meeting Adjourned 7:18 pm


ToastmasterJim Salih
Table Topics MasterDebbie Young
General EvaluatorKathy Denton
GrammarianBill Day
TimerJeff Hoehn
Speaker 1Steve Burchette
Speaker 2JD Perper
Speaker 3Steve Winheim
Evaluator 1Brent Stewart
Evaluator 2Sandy Roll
Evaluator 3Susan McConnell
Invocator & JokemasterLiz DeCamp
Vote CounterBill Collier
AH CounterJeff Hoehn


Most Improved:Jeff Hoehn
Best Table Topics:Tom Terrific
Best Evaluator:Susan McConnell
Best SpeakerSteve Burchette

Ah Counter’s Report:  about 8 AHs

Grammarian’s Report:  2 uses of the word Oblige

Meeting Rating: 9.5

Meeting Adjourned: 7:45 pm


  • Sunset: JD Perper, Steve Burchette, Steve Winheim, Kathy Denton, Tom Terrific, Howard Brandt, Brent Stewart, Susan McConnell, Jeff Hoehn, Bill Collier
  • Zoom: Liz DeCamp, Nancy Alba, Sandy Roll, Debbie Young, Bill Day
  • Guest: Darren Jeffries

Total Attendance 16 out of 29 = 55%

StreakAttendance (5 or more in a row):
33JD Perper
21Debbie Young
16Jim Salih
15Liz DeCamp
5Susan McConnell

Submitted by Jim Salih, Secretary

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