Meeting Minutes October 6, 2021

South County Toastmasters

Meeting Type/Theme: Theme: Cars

Meeting Location: Sunset Hills Community Center/Zoom

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Presiding Officer: Patrick Hunt

Word of the Night: Myriad

President Patrick Hunt asked if there were any corrections or additions to be made to the meeting minutes of Sep 29, 2021, hearing none, the minutes stand as posted.

Officers Reports:

  • President Patrick Hunt: none
  • VPE Bill Collier: Bill asked the members to check out the schedule for the October 13 meeting now posted on Turbobase. He also reminded us that the Founder’s day meeting will be held on October 20 and the Ghost Story meeting will be on October 27. Both meetings will be held at Sunset Hills CC. Victor will be the Toastmaster on Founder’s Day and Sandy will be the Ghostmaster on Ghost Story night.
  • VPPR Liz DeCamp: 
    • Liz is making contacts with the RiverFront Times in hopes that she can promote Toastmasters through them.
    • Liz will try to get us on both the Sunset Hills CC calendar and directory for the January 1 term. 
    • Liz has been promoting through our social media accounts but she needs to figure out the Facebook login before she can accomplish this. 
    • She has set up a Lastpass account to record our login information.
  • VPM Sandy Roll: 
    • Founder’s Day will be celebrated on Oct. 20 at Sunset Hills; bring a visitor. Sandy is getting many responses from past members.
    • Oct. 27 is Ghost Story night; bring a ghost story and dress the part. Check with Sandy about your participation. Also, bring a visitor. The story does not need to pertain to goblins and ghosts but at least to Halloween in some way.
  • Treasurer. Brent Stewart: Brent has done a thorough audit of the club’s finances for the past two years. We have over $2,500.00 in our account and Sunset Hills will be paid through January 1. Sunset Hills will change our contract to run quarterly. We have 28 dues paying members, but we need 33.5 members to break even. Our reserves should carry us for quite a while if we stay below the minimum amount of members needed to break even. 
  • Secretary Jim Salih: none
  • Sgt-at-Arms JD Perper: none

Committee reports – none

Correspondence or Announcements – 

  • Steve Burchett announced a fun night out of flexing brains, on Friday, November 5th. Steve is emceeing a Trivia Night fundraiser for Rebuilding Together STL at the Electricians Union Hall on the Hill.  For details contact Cheryl Reale at or contact SCTM member Steve Burchett.
  • Jim Salih announced that the Transcription (Subtitle) feature has been enabled on Zoom so those on Zoom will automatically see a transcript of all that is said at the meeting. It can be turned off on an individual computer if the member wishes. The text can also be resized. In order to do that, the individual member needs to turn it off or resize it under the Transcript (CC) button at the bottom of the Zoom window.

Unfinished business – none

New business – none

Business Meeting Adjourned 7:15 pm


ToastmasterDenton, Kathy
Table Topics MasterDeCamp, Liz
General EvaluatorHunt, Patrick
GrammarianRoll, Sandy
TimerStewart, Brent
Speaker 1Salih, Jim
Speaker 2Mattison, Victor
Speaker 3 
Evaluator 1Perper, James D
Evaluator 2Young, Debbie
Evaluator 3 
Invocator & JokemasterSheehan, Sean
Vote CounterWinheim, Steve
AH CounterSteve Burchett                                                                                                                                                    


Most Improved:Liz DeCamp
Best Table Topics:Rob Van Winkel
Best Evaluator:Debbie Young
Best SpeakerJim Salih

Ah Counter’s Report:  about 30 AHs (lots of repeated words as fillers instead of ahs)

Grammarian’s Report:  8 uses of the word myriad

Meeting Rating: 9.2

Meeting Adjourned: 7:40 pm


  • Sunset:  
  • Present in the room:  Brent Stewart, JD Perper, Keith Page, Patrick Hunt, Bill Collier, Steve Winheim, Rob Van Winkle, Debbie Young, Howard Brandt, Steve Burchett,  Kathy Denton, and Victor Mattison
  • Zoom: Liz DeCamp, Sandy Roll, Sean Sheehan, and Jim Salih
  • Guest: Mark Miller

Attendance Streaks for 2021 (with 4 or more):

30JD Perper
18Debbie Young
13Jim Salih
12Steve Winheim
12Liz DeCamp
10Patrick Hunt
4Sandy Roll

Submitted by Jim Salih, Secretary

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