Meeting Minutes – South County Toastmasters – March 17, 2021

Meeting Minutes

South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date:March 17, 2021
Meeting Type/Theme:Spring (Training)
Meeting Location:Sunset Hills Community Center / Zoom
Called to Order:6:00 PM
Presiding Officer: George Kiser

Officers’ Reports:        

President: George Kiser

  • George asked if there were any changes to the minutes and hearing none, the minutes of last week’s meeting were approved as posted.

VPE: Patrick Hunt 

  • Keith Page completed level 2 in Presentation Mastery
  • Jeff Hoehn completed level 1 in Presentation Mastery

SCTM is proud to offer congratulations to Keith and Jeff!!

Treasurer: Prathyush Viswaroopan

Membership Dues – current status- received membership dues from 25 members.

  • Please remember to send membership dues to PV. You may send checks by the end of this week.
  • Send your dues to Prathyush Viswaroopan’s address. He sent out an email on (February 11th) with this information.
  • Membership dues are $76.
  • Make your check out to “South County Toastmasters.”

VPM: Kim Bond

VPPR: Sandy Roll

“We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The next upcoming event will be an in person luncheon.”

 If you would like more details about this event reach out to Sandy.

Women’s Group Meeting

Wednesday, March 24

11:30AM – 1:00PM

America’s Incredible Pizza

5254 Lindbergh Blvd.

St. Louis, 63126

You will be responsible for restaurant fees.

Click here for more info or to register

  • If you have any questions you can check the website here: or you can email Sandy with any questions. 
  • We have a club membership with the Chamber of Commerce, therefore any member is welcome.

Secretary: Callie Koehr

Sergeant at Arms: Keith Page

Officer at Large: Jerry Paul

Committee Reports:

  • None

New Business

Jim Salih

  • Jim Salih – Notes and points to the computer on Zoom screen – SCTM – 1957 

-SCTM – 1957 is the club computer that Jim Salih rebuilt.  According to Jim, the computer is now running “pretty well.” 

Jim adds that he is using it as his “Second” computer. However, he is wondering if the club wants it back as the main computer. Jim explains, “It is now very usable as a main computer.” 

  • Jim Salih would like SCTM to reconsider reinstituting disqualifications for people who speak under their requested time.

Jim reasons, “We get disqualified for going 30 seconds over. However, there used to be a disqualification for people going 30 seconds under the green light. Having both disqualifications makes you do two things. Toastmaster members have to discipline the amount of time they’re going to be using both over and under. Currently, with no disqualification for going under, people can hedge their speeches. For example, rather than requesting 8 minutes for a speech, a member can say they need 10 or 11 minutes. Many times, a member will do so knowing they’re not going to be disqualified for going under their requested time.

 Jim notes this is something he would like the board to consider. As a club we used to follow the rule, “over 30 seconds – disqualified” and “under the green light by 30 seconds – disqualified.”

Jim thinks this makes for a better discipline and it keeps people from hedging their speech time too high just to make sure they don’t go over. Jim adds, “If we want to meet international rules, we need to have both over and under disqualifications.”

Sean Sheehan adds, “He also thinks this is a good idea because timing is everything – both too long and too short. Toastmasters should be able to rely on the accuracy with what time the speakers are requesting. Like Jim said, it does give the speaker a little bit of self accountability.”

Unfinished Business:

  • None


Patrick Hunt

Joint Club Area Meeting 

  • May 6, 2021
  • Centene Speaks will be holding the Joint Club Area Meeting.
  • If you’re interested in participating as a speaker or any other role, please let Patrick know ASAP.
  • Club Mash: Two clubs are paired with one another. For example, one club who is doing well is paired with another club who is looking to grow. We’re currently paired with Montgomery County Toastmasters.
  • The District is having informal meetings to discuss different ways we can help Toastmaster clubs grow. Patrick will speak more about this in the future but he felt it was important to make the general body of Toastmasters aware.

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster:Keith Page
Greeter:Patrick Hunt
Invocator / CLE:Susan McConnell
Grammarian:JD Perper   “Pertinent”  -used 12 times
Time Keeper:Kathy Denton 
Vote Counter:Liz DeCamp
Ah Counter:  Callie Koehr -counted 6 crutch words
Camera Operator:  Susan McConnell
Table Topics:Jim Salih
General Evaluator: George Kiser
Joke Master: PV
Hot SeatPatrick Hunt

Speakers and Evaluators:

1John Cleary
Speech Title: “Aiming At Self Improvement
Bill Collier
2Elisa Wong
Speech Title: “My Favorite Leadership Styles
Kim Bond
3Jeff Hoehn
Speech Title: “How Finding My Communication Style With Toastmasters Has Helped Me
Sean Sheehan


Most Improved:Jeff Hoehn 
Best Table Topics:JD Perper
Best Evaluator:Kim Bond
Best SpeakerJohn Cleary

Meeting Rating:                      9.5                                                                                           

Meeting Adjourned:            7:59 PM

Attendance: 66% 

@Zoom: Liz DeCamp, Callie Koehr, Jim Salih, Kim Bond, Kathy Denton, PV, Elisa Wong, Patrick Hunt, Sean Sheehan, Sandy Roll, Rob VanWinkle, Nancy Alba, and guest, Kris Scott.

@Sunset: George Kiser, Howard Brandt, Keith Page, Jeff Hoehn, Bill Collier, JD Perper, Debbie Young, John Cleary, Susan McConnell

Submitted by Callie Koehr, Secretary

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