Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – October 7, 2020

Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – October 7, 2020
Meeting Date: October 7, 2020
Meeting Type/Theme: Regular Meeting – Theme Crossroads in Life
Meeting Location: Hybrid Meeting – Some attending in person at the Sunset Hills Community Center, Some attending via Zoom
Called to Order: 6:00 PM
Presiding Officer: Jerry Paul
Submitted By: Kathy Denton, Secretary
Officers’ Reports: Officers:
  1. President – Jerry Paul –
    • Minutes of the September 30 meeting were sent out, hearing no change requests they were approved as sent and posted.
  2. VPE – Kat Higashino
    • Kat awarded a Pathways certificate of completion to Kathy Denton for completing Persuasive Influence level 3
    • Kat showed the calendar for holiday considerations.  Jerry moved the voting to new business.
  3. VPM – Brent Stewart
  4. VP-PR – Partick Hunt – Patrick held the Area 4 meeting.  The area contest will be held in February.   Patrick suggested we set aside one day a month for people to give speeches and be evaluated to practice for the contests.
  5. Secretary – Kathy Denton
  6. Treasurer – Kim Bond
  7. Sergeant at Arms – Jim Salih
  8. Officer at Large – Susan McConnell
Committee Reports: None Unfinished Business: Jerry Paul is accepting short videos to put together into a video for the 45 year anniversary.  Send your videos to Jerry. New Business:
  1. Tom Terrific informed us the website dues are due of $41.98.  He made a motion that we pay for it.  The vote passed.
  2. The club considered whether we should hold meetings during the upcoming holiday weeks.  The voting results were as follows:
    1. Veterans day we will hold a meeting November 11
    2. We will NOT hold meetings on November 25, December 23, and December 30th.
Correspondence and Announcements:
  1. The Toastmaster next week will be Patrick Hunt.
  2. Jerry informed us that District 8 will hold training for holding contests on 10/24th.  Debbie informed us the training is 5 hours but you can choose which portions you are interested in.  See the District 8 training website at:
  3. Kathy mentioned that the adobe evaluation forms from Pathways are large in size (1 to 2 megabytes).  Reducing the size helps them go through email faster without filling up inboxes.  You can reduce the size by using the Windows snipping tool to do a screen capture, then save it.  The snipping tool image is only about 50 kilobytes and is significantly smaller yet easily readable.  Send questions to Kathy.
  4. Sean Sheehan informed us that the Sunset Hills Community center sent an email inviting us to their next luncheon.  It will be held 10/20 at the outside pavilion at the Tapawingo gulf course.  The sponsor will be the Medicine shop.  Flu shots will be available – bring your insurance card.  Contact the VP of PR, Patrick Hunt, if you would like to attend.  There is a fee of $15.
  5. Kat will be sending out the email for the schedules for November and December.
Meeting Roles:
Toastmaster: Sandy Roll
Table Topics: Shean Sheehan
General Evaluator: Kat Higashino
Grammarian: Jim Salih
Time Keeper: Debbie Young (in person)
Invocator: Sean Sheehan
Ah Counter: Prathyush Viasaroopan (PV) – 64 uses of crutch words
Joke Master: Kim Bond
Vote Counter: Bill Collier (in person), Callie Koehr (V)
Camera Operator: J. D. Perper
Word of the Day:    Threshold, used 15 to 20 times Speakers and Evaluators:
Speakers Evaluators
1 Brent Stewart Jerry Paul
2 Keith Page J. D. Perper
3 Patrick Hunt Kathy Denton
Best Table Topics: Alan Kirby
Best Evaluator: Jerry Paul
Best Speaker: Brent Stewart
Most Improved: Patrick Hunt
Meeting Rating:     9.8 Meeting Adjourned:                  7:51 PM Visitors: Jeff Hoehn (P), Jim Ruczika (past SCTM member) (P) Member Attendance (V – Virtual, P – in Person):
Bond, Kim – V
Collier, Bill – P
Davis, Tim – P
DeCamp, Liz – V
Denton, Kathy – V
Higashino, Kat – V
Hunt, Patrick – P
Kirby, Alan – V
Koehr, Callie – V
Page, Keith – P
Paul, Jerry – P
Perper, J. D. – P
Roll, Sandy – V
Salih, Jim – V
Sheehan, Sean – V
Stewart, Brent – P
Viasaroopan, Prathyush (PV) – V
Wong, Elisa – V
Young, Debbie – P
Secretary’s Attendance Information: General Attendance:  This week – 19 Members – 59.37 %

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