Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – August 5, 2020

Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957) – August 5, 2020

Meeting Date: August 5, 2020
Meeting Type/Theme: Regular Meeting – Theme: Evolution
Meeting Location: First Hybrid Meeting – Some attending in person at the Sunset Hills Community Center, Some attending via Zoom
Called to Order: 6:00 PM
Presiding Officer: Jerry Paul
Submitted By: Kathy Denton, Secretary

Officers’ Reports:


    • President – Jerry Paul –
      • Minutes of the July 29 meeting were sent out, hearing no change requests they were approved as sent and posted.
      • Howard Brandt was in attendance in person
      • At the Community Center hand sanitizer and masks are in use and available.  The Community Center requires that masks must be worn except when speaking at the lectern.
    • VPE – Kat Higashino –
      • Kat will send an email requesting members to indicate if they plan to attend in person or on Zoom and to identify role requests for September.  Kat will do her best to accommodate requests but please be patient as we work through role assignment issues.
      • Victor Mattison completed 4 milestones – ACC, ACG, ALS, and DTM!  Congratulations Vic.
    • VPM – Brent Stewart
    • VP-PR – Partick Hunt
    • Secretary – Kathy Denton
    • Treasurer – Kim Bond
    • Sergeant at Arms – Jim Salih
    • Officer at Large – Susan McConnell – Susan suggested the Ah counter should be in person so everyone can hear them.  Kathy said that is ok as a preference, but someone who wants to attend via zoom should not have to attend in person for the Ah counter role. So if a member is the Ah counter and attending via zoom, please tap on something or say Ding, to indicate an Ah or filler word has been uttered.

Committee Reports:

    • None

Unfinished Business:

    • None

New Business:

  • Jerry said that Toastmasters International will hold their business meeting the end of August and made a motion that the SCTM executive board be given the right to discuss and decide who will carry our proxy vote.  The motion passed.  Jerry will schedule an executive meeting.


  • Bill Collier announced that he recently spoke with Jim Ruzicka who is now cancer free.
  • Kathy said there is a way to change your skin tone for reactions in Zoom.  If you would like instructions on how to do that send Kathy an email.
  • Susan McConnell said thanks to those who made the hybrid meeting work.  It worked pretty well except the sound could be better from the lectern.
  • Jerry announced that he is helping the Columbia, Illinois rotary club set up hybrid meetings.

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Steve Winheim
Table Topics: J D Perper
General Evaluator: Donald Coupe
Grammarian: Sean Sheehan
Time Keeper: Brent Stewart
Invocator: Kat Higashino
Ah Counter: Kat Higashino
Joke Master: Bill Collier
Vote Counter: Victor Mattison

Word of the Day:   Evolution used 13 times

Speakers and Evaluators:

Speakers Evaluators
1 Prathyush Viasaroopan Jim Salih
2 Patrick Hunt Kim Bond
3 George Kiser Susan McConnell


Best Table Topics: Kathy Denton
Best Evaluator: Susan McConnell
Best Speaker George Kiser
Most Improved Prathyush Viasaroopan

Meeting Rating:     8.5

Meeting Adjourned:                  7:50 PM

Visitors: None
Member Attendance (V – Virtual, P – in Person):

Bond, Kim – V
Brandt, Howard – P
Collier, Bill – P
Coupe, Donald – V
Denton, Kathy – V
Higashino, Katsuko – V
Hunt, Patrick – P
Kiser, George – P
Mattison, Victor – P
McConnell, Susan – V
Page, Keith – V
Paul, Jerald – P
Perper, J. D. – P
Salih, Jim – V
Sheehan, Sean – V
Stewart, Brent – P
Terrific, Tom – V
VanWinkle, Rob – V
Viasaroopan, Prathyush – V
Winheim, Steve – P
Young, Debbie – P

Secretary’s Attendance Information:General Attendance:  This week – 21 Members –  72.41%

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