Club Officer Meeting Minutes – July 21, 2020


  • President – Jerry Paul
  • VPE – Kat Higashino
  • VPM – Brent Stewart
  • VP-PR – Partick Hunt
  • Secretary – Kathy Denton
  • Treasurer – Kim Bond
  • Sergeant at Arms – Jim Salih
  • Officer at Large – Susan McConnell

Jerry – We received an email from Sunset Hills Community Center (SSCC) concerning restarting in person meetings.  Jerry plans to run a test of a hybrid meeting once his equipment arrives.  Kathy suggested he talk with Vic and Debbie since Vic had mentioned he had been working with Debbie on that.

Jerry asked if we can start 8/1 if the equipment is available then.
– Becky at SSCC will assist with WiFi setup
– Kat indicated about 17 people have been attending on zoom.
– The max attendance for a room is 15
– When no one signs up for an adjacent room we get a double sized room for the same price
– Visitors can attend in person if it doesn’t put us over our limit
– Kathy suggested requiring pre-registration for in person attendance to avoid people getting there and being turned away.  Kat offered to manage pre-attendance registration.
– Can have 25 people if we just use chairs instead of the U shape table setup.
– Have to wear masks except when eating. Jerry will ask if speakers have to wear masks when speaking.
– Jerry will bring extra masks and hand sanitizers for people who forget their own
– Kathy suggested giving speakers and the Toastmaster priority for in person attendance.  She also suggested that Kat ask how many guests people plan to bring when doing pre-registration. Kat agreed to do that.
– Jerry will seek volunteers for room setup training so we have backup setup people

– Jerry will contact Vic and Debbie concerning tech setup
– Jerry will find out when the zoom room will be available
– Jerry will ask Becky at SSCC if speakers have to wear masks

Post summary discussion:
– Kat said some people can’t start at 6 and that limits who can do some roles, so members have to be flexible and willing to fill multiple roles
– Patrick met with the Chamber of Commerce and showed us the Plaque they gave him.  One member, Charlotte, is interested in attending as a guest.
– Patrick is our Area 4 Director and is planning to schedule an official club visit.  There will be forms to fill out.

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