Meeting Minutes South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Minutes – South County Toastmasters (#1957)

Meeting Date: March 4, 2020
Meeting Type/Theme: Regular Meeting – Theme:  New Beginnings
Meeting Location: Sunset Hills Community Center (First Meeting in New Location)
Called to Order: 7:00 PM
Presiding Officer:  Victor Mattison, Acting President
Submitted By: Victor Mattison, Secretary

Officers’ Reports:       

  • Victor Mattison commended Debbie Young for her help in getting the meeting room organized and planned as she’s worked hard for the past few weeks to make sure our first meeting is as smooth as possible.   He also commended her on her great work in updating the website and its content. Bravo, Debbie!

Committee Reports:

  • Jim Salih shared that the Youth Leadership program is scheduled to start in about a week and signups have been slow to come. Please spread the word.

Unfinished Business:    

  • Minutes from the February 26 meeting were approved.

New Business: None

Announcements:  None

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster: Susan McConnell
Table Topics: Patrick Hunt
General Evaluator:  Zach Smelcer
Grammarian: Bob Mahacek
Time Keeper: Steve Winheim
Camera Operator:   Bill Collier
Invocator / CLE: Kat Higasino
Joke Master:  Matt Clark
Hot Seat: Patrick Hunt
Greeter: Victor Mattison
Vote Counter: Bob Mahacek
Ah Counter:   Leah Star

Speakers and Evaluators:

Speakers Evaluators
1 Krista Butler Jerry Paul
2 Debbie Young Sandy Roll
3 Donald Coupe Sean Sheehan
4 Kim Bond Jeannie Spurgeon


Most Improved: Kim Bond
Best Table Topics: Rich Puskarich
Best Evaluator: Sean Sheehan
Best Speaker Debbie Young

Meeting Rating:                            9.3                                                                                            

 Meeting Adjourned:                  9:00 PM


  • Brian, first time visitor
  • Pong WeiLin, friend of Zach Smelcer (former Toastmaster)
  • Kyle, friend of Krista Butler


Here’s who attended this week:

Bond, Kim
Brandt, Howard
Butler, Krista
Clark, Matt
Collier, William
Coupe, Donald
Higashino, Katsuko
Hunt, Patrick
Jordan, Donna
Kirby, Alan
Mahaceh, Bob
Mattison, Victor
McConnell, Susan
Paul, Jerald
Puskarich, Richard
Roll, Sandy
Salih, James
Sheehan, Sean
Smelcer, Zach
Spurgeon, Jeannie
Star, Leah
Van Winkle, Robert
Winheim, Steven
Young, Debbie


Secretary’s Attendance Information:

General Attendance:

  • This week:                            60.0%
  • YTD average:                        52.3%
  • YTD highest weekly %:       64.1%, January 8, 2020
  • YTD lowest weekly %:        41.0%, January 22, 2020

 Members with more than 75% attendance:

Butler, Krista 89%
Clark, Matt 89%
Collier, William 78%
Coupe, Donald 89%
Higashino, Katsuko 89%
Mattison, Victor 100%
McConnell, Susan 100%
Paul, Jerald 100%
Salih, James 89%
Spurgeon, Jeannie 78%
Van Winkle, Robert 78%
Young, Debbie 100%

Longest Current Attendance Streaks (consecutive meetings)

9 McConnell, Susan
9 Mattison, Victor
9 Paul, Jerald
9 Young, Debbie
8 Salih, James
7 Higashino, Katsuko
6 Clark, Matt
6 Coupe, Donald
6 Mahaceh, Bob
6 Winheim, Steven
5 Butler, Krista
5 Collier, William
5 Sheehan, Sean
5 Spurgeon, Jeannie

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