5/15/19 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Sargeant at Arms George Kiser. 

Business Meeting – Minutes of the 2 previous meetings (5/1 and 5/8) were approved as sent out to the members

Officer Reports

Debbie Young – 5/29/19 will be training for the Pathways program.  Please answer the survey that will be sent out first so the proper resources will be available at the meeting. 

Debbie Young – The TM District 8 Leadership Training will take place Saturday 6/22/19 at Maritz in Fenton.  There will be training sessions for new officers in addition to other breakout sessions on helpful topics.  These topics have not yet been announced, but could include items like “how to give a helpful evaluation” or “how to host an open house”.  The training is free and open to TM members.  There will be a keynote speaker, light breakfast, and a lunch.

Committee Reports – None

Unfinished Business – None

Correspondence and Announcements:

 Brent Stewart- Several SCTM members will visit Max Kaiser Thursday at the rehab facility in Eureka he is staying at.  The visit will be at 6:45 pm.  Tom Terrific offered to carpool with anyone that wants a ride.  When Brent talked to Max, Max was looking forward to visiting with his SCTM friends. 

Howard Brandt – reminder that the club used to have a list of last minute speakers who would have a speech ready and could fill in on a moment’s notice.  He encouraged the club to use this list again to ensure we have 4 speakers every meeting.

The word of the evening was luculent.  It means understandable and comprehensible. 

The roles were:  Grammarian – Jackie Haar; Time Keeper – Samira Mudjdic; Ah Counter – George Kiser; Vote Tabulator – Anne Hartupee; Video Operator – Zach Smelcer; Invocator/CLE – JD Perper; Greeter – Howard Brandt; Toastmaster – Kathy Denton; General Evaluator – Bill Collier; Jokemaster – JD Perper; Table Topics Master – Steve Winheim; Table Topics speakers were Rich Puskarich, Susan McConnell, Sean Sheehan, Brent Stewart, Howard Brandt, JD Perper, Victor Mattison, and Zach Smelcer.

The members present were:  Donna Jordan, George Kiser, Susan McConnell, Victor Mattison, Sean Sheehan, Debbie Young, JD Perper, Zach Smelcer; Anne Hartupee; Brent Stewart; Steve Winheim; Samira Mudjdic; Kathy Denton, Howard Brant, Bill Collier, Rich Puskarich; and Jackie Haar. Guests were Stanley Monteiro and Chuck Bauer.

Speaker 1: Debbie Young

Speaker 2: George Kiser

Speaker 3: Anne Hartupee

Evaluator 1:  Victor Mattison

Evaluator 2:  Donna Jordan

Evaluator 3:  Brent Stewart

Meeting Rating: 9.0

Best Speaker: Debbie Young

Best Evaluator: Brent Stewart

Best Table Topics: Howard Brandt

Most Improved: Donna Jordan

End of meeting comments:

Debbie Young – All members please complete the on-line Pathways assessment in preparation for the Pathways training on May 29th.  The assessment can be found on the TM Website.

Meeting adjourned 8:49

Meeting notes taken by Sean Sheehan and Susan McConnell. Posted by Sandy Roll

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