Adding Pictures to the Website

Here are the instructions for adding pictures when you make a post on our website.
Note – WordPress keeps changing their interface so you need to be flexible when using this process. I could not find any videos which match.

  1. Be Organized with your photos. Create a Toastmaster folder which contains just the pictures you want to post. This will make it a lot easier to find when you do get around to making the post.
  2. Use a photo editing program to edit your pictures. If you don’t have a favorite, is a very powerful online program that is free and does a great job.
  3. Open the picture file in your photo editing program.
  4. Crop the picture.
  5. Edit the picture – lighten/darken/sharpen etc.
  6. Resize the picture to 600 pixels. This is an important step. We only have limited free space on WordPress so we want to keep our picture size down to limit the file size.
  7. Save As a jpg and reduce the quality until the picture size is below 100kb.
  8. Rename the picture so that you know it is the small size ……… picture-600.jpg
  9. I’d suggest that you write your text first so you can figure out exactly where you want your picture.
  10. Put your cursor where you want to add the picture.
  11. To add the picture to your post, click on the +Add button.
  12. Click on Media – Add New – Choose the File – Open – Insert.
  13. Click on the picture on the new post and you can resize it and choose the alignment you want.


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