Vocal Variety Tips from Stacy Duncan

Stacy Duncan gave a very informative speech last week, titled “The Four P’s to a Presentation.” In it, she offered multiple exercises to help us improve our vocal variety. Write Out Loud is the website reference she used for a majority of the exercises.

Vocal variety is the way we use our voice. It is enhanced by the elements of pitch, tone, volume and rate. Pitch is the range of our voice; how high and low it can go. When a speaker does not vary his pitch, he comes across monotone (and boring). Tone is emotion expressed using our voice. Lack of tone comes across “flat.” Speakers who interject tone are considered more expressive. Volume and rate round out the elements of vocal variety.

Consider trying some of the exercises to enhance the vocal variety of your next speech or perusing Write Out Loud for other helpful tips.

Exercises for PITCH

Exercises for VOLUME

Exercises for TONE

Exercises for SPEAKING RATE

Thank you so much for sharing, Stacy!

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