Adam Kutell – Distinguished Toastmaster

adambetter2-dtm-800Congratulations goes to Adam Kutell for earning the highest award in Toastmasters International – the DTM.

Dean Bone, club president is shown presenting the award to Adam.

The DTM is the combination of earning Advanced Leader Silver and Advanced Communicator Gold (note, there is no Advanced Leader Gold)

Here are Adam’s accomplishments over the last eight years.

He has delivered 40 project speeches, six club workshops, served five terms as club officer, mentored five members (officially (Sudi, Aiden, Lafe, Sarah, and Sera), and others off-the-books)

Completed my CC (10 project speeches)
Completed my CL (various club roles and offices)
Hosted Six Club Workshops (Various from the Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series, Success/Leadership Series, and Success/Communication Series)
Served in club as Secretary, Treasurer, Officer at Large, and two terms as Vice President of Education
Also served as a district officer twice, as Area 13 Governor followed by Division A Governor
As district officer, hosted four post-club contests and two make-up Toastmaster Leadership Institute sessions.
Mentored the five club members listed above.
Mentored a new club (Crane Communicators) for upwards of six months
Completed my Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels by completing 30 additional advanced project speeches, and some of the workshops and offices above.
Completed my Advanced Leader Bronze, using various items from above.
Completed my High Performance Leadership with my organizion of the Division A contest
Completed my Advanced Leader Silver

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