Meeting Minutes – October 26, 2016

Called to order at: 7:00 PM Location: Metropolitan Life Building
Presiding Officer: Dean Bone
Greeter: None
Invocator / CLE: Max Kaiser
Greeter: Judy Sowers

Officers’ Reports – None
Committee Reports – None
Unfinished Business – None

New Business –
The members of SCTM voted in Geoff King, as a new member of SCTM. His mentor is Max Kaiser. President Dean Bone conducted the induction.

Correspondence and Announcements –
1. Susan McConnell announced she will be working on a new slate of officers for next term. Anyone interested in serving as an officer needs to contact Susan. Susan is also asking for current members to help her with the new slate.

2. The District Contest will be held in Columbia, MO on November 17-18, 2016. More information will be emailed to members. Please plan to support Erin Gissel (Table Topics Contest) and Rich Puskarich (Humorous Speech Contest).

3. Welcome back Brian Etling!!

Toastmaster: Adam Kutell
Grammarian: Rich Puskarich
Time Keepers: Joumana Palusci
Vote Counter: Sarah Pitkin
Ah Counter: Debbie Young
Camera Op: Sera Jennings
Table Topics: Tom Terrific
Speakers and Evaluators
Spkr 1: Judy Sowers Evaluator 1: Ginny Foster
Spkr 2: Susan McConnell Evaluator 2: Brian Etling
Spkr 3: Kate Schafroth Evaluator 3: Stacy Duncan
Spkr 4: Alan Kirby Evaluator 4: George Kiser

Gen Evalutor: Carl Hendrickson
Joke Master: Victor Mattison

Most Improved: Stacy Duncan
Best Table Topics: Jim Salih
Best Evaluator: Brian Etling
Best Speaker: Susan McConnell

Meeting Rating 9.0 Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM

Minutes submitted by Susan McConnell

Members present:
Dean Bone
Howard Brandt
Nick Coco
Kathy Denton
Stacy Duncan
Ginny Foster
Carl Hendrickson
Max Kaiser
Alan Kirby
George Kiser
Adam Kutell
Victor Mattison
Susan McConnell
Joumana Palusci
Sarah Pitkin
Rich Puskarich
Jim Salih
Kate Schafroth
Judy Sowers
Tim Sullivan
Tom Terrific
Debbie Young

Bill Garrett
Mary Garrett
Jim Kohnen

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