Meeting Minutes – October 19, 2016

Meeting Date:   October 19, 2016
Called to order at:  7:00 PM    Location:  Metropolitan Life Building
Presiding Officer:   Dean Bone
Greeter: None
Invocator / CLE:  Robb Osborn

Officers’ Reports –
Treasurer, Tom Terrific, reported that SCTM currently has approximately $2,100.00 in the bank account.  There is also a $100.00 gift certificate SCTM received from the Area TM Chairman for placing second in the membership contest earlier this year.  The club finances are in working order.

Committee Reports – None

Unfinished Business –
1.      Jim Salih reported the hand held microphone now has an “on/off” switch that is easily used by all members.  Gary Brown is working on fixing the wireless microphone.  Jim will give updates as improvements are completed.
2.      Tim Sullivan introduced discussion about meetings on November 23rd and 30th.
a.      Tim Sullivan made following motion, 2nd by Carl Hendrickson:  SCTM have a Speech Marathon on November 23rd, the Wednesdaybefore Thanksgiving.
After discussion between the club members, a vote was taken.  The motion failed.
b.      Tom Terrific made the following motion, 2nd by Susan McConnell:  SCTM will not have a meeting on Wednesday, November 23rd.  The motion carried.
c.      Tom Terrific made the following motion, 2nd by Tim Sullivan:  SCTM will have a regular meeting, not a speech marathon, on Wednesday, November 30th.  After discussion between the club members, a vote was taken.  The motion carried.

New Business –
Rich Puskarich read an email from Jim Bubash, TM District Chairman of the Prison Clubs support.  Jim is requesting contributions to a fund raiser for payment of ½ dues of the Prison Club members.  Jim is suggesting themed gift baskets, but any items are welcomed.  SCTM are encouraged to work together to create one basket  Please contact Jim Bubash to address any questions.

Correspondence and Announcements  –
Please support Erin Gissel and Rich Puskarich in the upcoming Division A contest.  The details of the contest are as follows:
Saturday, October 22, 2016
Doors Open: 10:00 a.m.
Briefings: 10:30 a.m.
Contests: 11:00 a.m.
Jefferson County Library — Arnold Branch
1701 Missouri State Rd, Arnold, MO  63010

Toastmaster:    Jerry Paul
Grammarian:     Susan McConnell, Debate
Time Keepers:   Nick Coco
Vote Counter:   Ginny Foster
Ah Counter:     Debbie Young
Camera Op:      Rich Puskarich
Table Topics:   Kathy Duncan

Speakers and Evaluators
Spkr 1: Dave Domian              Evaluator 1:   Brent Stewart
Spkr 2: Erin Gissel              Evaluator 2:  Tom Terrific
Spkr 3:  Tim Sullivan            Evaluator 3:  Sarah Pitkin
Spkr 4:  Adam Kutell             Evaluator 4:  Carl Hendrickson

Gen Evalutor:  Jim Salih
Joke Master:   Dean Bone

Most Improved:          Tim Sullivan
Best Table Topics:      Susan McConnell
Best Evaluator:         Sarah Pitkin
Best Speaker:           Dave Domian

Meeting Rating  9.6       Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

Minutes submitted by Susan McConnell

Members present:
Dean Bone
Howard Brandt
Tim Budd
Nick Coco
Kathy Denton
Dave Domian
Ginny Foster
Carl Hendrickson
Erin Gissel
Adam Kutell
Susan McConnell
Robb Osborn
Jerry Paul
Pati Pellerito
Sarah Pitkin
Rich Puskarich
Jim Salih
Kate Schafroth
Brent Stewart
Tim Sullivan
Rob VanWinkle
Debbie Young
Jim Salih
Geoff King

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