Area 4 Director and Contest Information

I wanted to introduce myself to you as your new Area 4 Director.  This seems to be a yearly ritual within Toastmasters to congratulate the outgoing officers and welcome in the new ones with somewhat bated breath.

I hope to put you at ease. To give you some background, I have been a Toastmaster since 2001 and currently hold an ACG, ALB, LDREXC.  I am also a past Area 9 Governor.  I am currently a member of Club #1337939 Crossroads Toastmasters and have been in this club since 2010.

I just unofficially scheduled the Area 4 contest for 17 September at 10:00am with the contest beginning at 10:30am.  Once the venue has accepted the request I will provide the details.  Remember, your club contest must be held in August – YES that is next month!  If you need guidance or help with your contest feel free to contact me.

Warm regards,

Barry Hammond, ACG, ALB, LDREXC

Area 4 Director


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