Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2016

05 /18/2016 SCTM  Minutes

Carl Hendickson served as greeter.

Steve Winheim called meeting to order at 7:00

Dick Shields gave the invocation.

Guests that evening: Tom Raber

President, Susan McConnell called for business reports.

Max Kaiser announces that judges are needed for collegiate debate.

Previous minutes were accepted.

Four new members joined. Tom Middleton, Joumana Palusci, Misti Duffy and Jeff Jeffers. Jack Bettag will be the mentor for Tom, Brent Stewart for Joumana, Dave Domian for Misti and Steve Winheim for Jeff.

Toastmaster                            George Kiser
Grammarian                            Brent Stewart — resilient
Ah- counter                             Stacy Duncan
Timer                                       Adam Jackson
Vote Count                             Tim Budd
Camera                                    Tim Sullivan
Table Topics master              Bill Collier
General Evaluator                 Kathy Denton — 9.0

Speaker / Evaluator

Tom Terrific / JudySowers
Sue McConnell / Dave Domian
Carl Hendrickson / Adam Kutell
Max Kaiser / Steve Winheim

Best Table Topics     Jim Salih
Best Evaluator          Adam Kutell
Most Improved         Susan McConnel
Best Speaker             Carl Hendrickson
Congratulations to Jerry Paul on his promotion.
Meeting Adjourned 9:00 pm

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