Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2016

Howard Brandt and Jack Bettag served as greeters

Steve Winheim called meeting to order at 7:0pm

President, Susan McConnell called for reports

Dave Domian suggests 6/26/2016 for club BBQ, motion passed. Possible Golf outing that day, see Dave.

Jim Bubash presents Dave Domian with gift for his service as past president.

Tom Terrific requests the club spend $75 so that any club member may attend the District 8 conference on May 6th and May 7th. Motion passed.

Congratulations to Erin Gissel for placing third at the Division A contest.

Previous minutes accepted
Guests that evening Tanya Ettling, Fran and Leroy Ettling

Toastmaster Adam Kutell

Grammarian Jerry Paul — reference
Ah Counter Tim Budd
Timer Rich Puskarich
Vote Counter A.R Al-Matiin
Camera Sarah Pitkin
Table Topics master Dave Domian
General Evaluator George Kiser — 9.5

Speaker / Evaluator

Brian Ettling / Jim Salih
Jim Bubash / Bobbie Hudson
Susan McConnell / Adam Jackson
Tom Terrific / Erin Gissel
Jokemaster Gary Brown

Best Speaker: Brian Ettling
Best Evaluator: Erin Gissel
Best Table Topics: Sarah Pitkin
Most Improved: Bobbie Hudson

Also Present: Robb Osborn
Meeting Adjourned 9:01 pm

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