Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2016

Dick Shields greeted everyone.
Jim Bubash called meeting to order at 7:00pm
President, Susan McConnell called for Officer Reports.

Tom Teriffic, Treasurer, reports that the club has a balance of $2143.81 even after expense of $480 for Christmas party.  Carl Hendrickson to audit books in next few weeks.
$42.00 dues should be paid at this time. if you haven’t already.
Howard Brandt gave the invocation.

Previous minutes were accepted noting name change for Bill Collier’s business.

Old Business – None
Committee Reports — None
New Business

Jim Bubash requests  $17.99 reimbursement for club gift.  –PASSED
Adam Kutell requests $59.00 for reimbursement for SD cards –PASSED
Dean Bone requests $81.40 reimbursement for materials for new member manuals –PASSED

Abdul Aden became a member I good standing of the South County Toastmasters.  Robb Osborn will be his mentor.
Kyle Luzinski has requested to be removed from the club’s roles.
Two guests Sara and David in attendance

Caleb Harley                      Toastmaster   — Theme:  Leap Day
Susan Carillo                      General Evaluator– Rating:  9.9
Bobbie Hudson                  Grammarian  — Premiate
Adeam Kutell                      Table Topics Master
Jack Bettag                         Vote Counter
Jim Salih                              Camera Operator
Jerry Brown                        Ah-Counter
Carol Lindwedell                Timer
George Kaiser                      Jokemaster

Speaker/ Evaluator

Judy Sowers    / Jim Bubash
Kathy Denton / Susan McConnell
Robb Osborn / Adam Jackson

Best Table Topics                        Howard Brandt
Best Evaluator                             Adam Jackson
Best Speaker/Most Improved   Robb Osborn

Also in attendance:  Brian Ettling, Tim Wilson, Jerry Paul, A.R. Al-Mattiin, Jack Carter

Meeting adjourned 09:00

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