Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2016

Lafe Goodfellow called meeting to order at 7:00 pm
Caleb Harley gave the invocation.

President Susan McConnell calls for business reports.

Tom Terrific asks that we spend $48 dollars to buy new name tags.
Second by Jim Salih, motion passed.

Tom Terrific requests $14 dollars for reimbursement on purchase of microphone cable, motion passed.

Tim Budd is seeking volunteers and contestants for the club’s International Speech and Evaluation Contest.

Toastmaster          Tim Budd  — Groundhog Day
Grammarian           Jim Bubash  — Pundit
Ah- counter          Caleb Harley
Vote Counter         George Kiser
Camera operator      Bobby Hudson
Time Keeper          Jack Bettag
Table topics master  Tom Teriffic
General Evaluator    Robb Osborn — 9.5

Speaker /  Evaluator
Adam Kutell  /  Alan Kirby
Joanna Castle/  Adam Jackson
Matt Ramshaw/ Brian Ettling
Lafe Goodfellow/ Jim Salih

Best Speaker –
Best Table Topics
Best Evaluator
Most Improved

Guests:  Kathy Denton, Miranda Kutell

Also present:  Howard Brandt, Carl Hendrickson, Judy Dowers, Tim Sullivan, Rich Puskarich

Meeting  adjourned 08:50

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