Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2016

Steve Winheim greeted everyone
Lafe Goodfellow called meeting to order at 7:00 pm

President, Susan McConnell, called for business reports
Tim Budd is seeking contestants and volunteers for thee his mentor club’s International Speech and Evaluation Contest.

Adam Kutell Motions for a speech marathon on March 30 2016.
Motion Passed.

Tom Terriffic requests reimbursement of $33.54 for for upkeep of our website. Motion Passed

Tim Sullivan applied for membership. He was voted in and Jack Bettag will be his mentor.

AdamKutell announced he will be serving as mentor for another club.

Robb Osborn announced he will serve as pattern speaker for another club’s speech contest.

Toastmaster Adam Jackson
Grammarian Caleb Harley — depressing/enchanting
Timer Brian Ettling
Ah-count Lafe Goodfellow
Vote Count Gary Brown
Camera Adam Kutell
Table Topics Carol lindwedell
General Evaluator Jack Bettag — meeting rated 9.5
Jokemaster Howard Brandt

Susan Carillo / George Kaiser
Rich Puskarich / Kyle Luzynski
Carl Hendrickson / Dave Domian
Vamsi Jamalamadaka / Tim Budd
Best Table Topics Jerry Paul
Most Improved Susan Carillo
Best Evaluator George Kaiser
Best Speaker Carl Hendrickson

Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm

Also present: Jack Carter, Bobbie ________

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