SCTM Minutes 12/09/15

Meeting minutes for Dec. 9, 2015

Call to order 7pm

Met Life Building

Presiding officer Dave Domian

Invocator Jim Salih

Business meeting

Minutes from prior meeting accepted

Officers reports: None

Committe reports:  Adam Kutell discussed a motion to address needs of entire club:

#1:  club pays entire cost of christmas party

#2:  donations accepted at door suggested amount $8.00

#3:  charge $8.00 at door per person

Dave Domian took straw vote

Adam Kutell made motion for option #2 with Brent Stewart seconded

Option #2 passed for christmas party

Old business: none

New business: none

Correspondence and announcement:  Tom Ferris memorial service attended by Howard Brandt/mentioned Christmas party location in Arnold available next year

Toastmaster Tim Budd

Theme:  Gifts

Word:  Festive

Grammarian:  Susan McConnel

Ahs:  Adam Kutell

Timer:  Steve Bettag

Vote counter:  Jerry Paul

Camera:  Lafe Goodfellow

CLE:  Jim Salih

TableTopics:  Erin Gissel

Speaker#1 Tom Terrific evaluated by Carol Linwedel

Speaker#2. Matt Ramshaw evaluated by Caleb Harley

Speaker#3:  Gary  Brown evaluated by Dean Bone

Speaker#4:  Dave Domian evaluated by Julie Stricklin

General Evaluator Brent Stewart

Meeting rating 8.75

Best Table Topics :  Jack Bettag

Best Evaluator:  Caleb Harley

Most Improved:  Dean Bone

Best Speaker:  Matt Ramshaw

Guests:  Daniel Brown, Dawn Edwards and Calvin Brown


Bobbie Hudson

Carl Hendrickson

Tim Budd

Jen Wilbers

Caleb Harley

Jim Salih

Brent Stewart

Steve Winnheim

Steve Bettag

Dave Domian

Jack Bettag

Howard Brandt

Carol Lindwedel

Erin Gissel

Tom Terrific

Adam Kutell

Lafe Goodfellow

Susan Mc Connell

Judy Sowers

Gary Brown

Julie Stricklin

Rich Puskarich

Matt Ramshaw

Dean Bone

George Kiser

Jerry Paul

Minutes submitted by Jerry Paul













One thought on “SCTM Minutes 12/09/15

  1. At least I know the Theme now. As Jokemaster I asked…thinking I may follow the theme but I didn’t get an answer. Since I was out of town prior I just stayed with current time. Sent from my iPad


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