SCTM Minutes 12/02/15

Minutes for Dec. 2, 2015

Call to Order 7pm

Met Life Building

Dave Domian Presiding Officer

Invocation:  Gary Brown

Business Meeting:

Officers Report:  Dick Shields (Treasury Business) reported  55 people paid to attend the 40th Anniversary Party for a total of $687.50.  Andres was paid $664.00 for the party with $23.02 left over.  The club had numerous “no shows” if divided equally then each no show would receive approximately $2.00 back a piece.  Dick recommended placing the $23.02 into the club Treasury.

Committee Reports:  Susan McConnell reported the club Christmas party is Wednesday Dec. 16th @6pm, Dulaney’s on Tesson Ferry Road just down the road from the Met Life Building.  The party will have a buffet of salad, pizza and appetizers with soft drinks, tax and gratuity included for $18.00 per person.  Cash bar for alcohol.  The $18.00 per person recommended to be paid out of club treasury.

Dick Shields reported approximately $2,000 in club treasury. Susan McConnell made a motion to pay $18.00 out of club treasury for each person in attendance.  Tom Terrific seconded the motion.  Discussion followed.

Dave Domian asked to table the motion until next week to get a better understanding on how many people will attend before moving forward.

Steve Bettag volunteered to send an email out obtaining attendance count so information is available at Dec. 9th meeting.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Application for membership from Bobby Hudson and Rich Puskarich.  Motion by Susan McConnell and second by Carol Lindwedel to accept both into club.  All in favor.

Induction script read and both became members.  Carol Lindwedel is mentoring Bobby and Brian Ettling is mentoring Rich.

Old Business:  James Bubash read and nominated the slate of officers.  Brent Stewart seconded. James asked for additional nominations from the floor with none received.  The slate is:

President:  Susan McConnell (James Bubash motion/ second Tom Terrific)

Vice President of Education:  Adam Jackson (James Bubash motion/second Brent Stewart)

Vice President of Membership:  Dean Bone (James Bubash motion/second Brent Stewart)

Vice President of Public Relations:  Jerry Paul (James Bubash motion/second Steve Bettag)

Secretary:  Rob Osborn (James Bubash motion/second Steve Bettag)

Treasurer:  Jennifer Wilbers  (James Bubash motion/second Brent Stewart)

Sgt. at Arms:  Lafe Goodfellow  (James Bubash motion/second Brent Stewart)

Officer at Large:  James Bubash  (James Bubash motion/second Dick Shields)

James Bubash announced on Jan. 6th meeting all will be sworn in with the Area Governor in attendance

Corrs. and Anno.:  None

Business Meeting closed at 735pm

Toastmaster:  James Bubash

“Thanksgiving Leftovers” Theme

“Propensity” word of the evening

Grammarian:  Tim Budd

Ah Counter:  Caleb Harley

Timer:  Tom Terrific

Vote Counter:  Jack Bettag

Camera Operator:  Lafe Goodfellow

CLE:  Caleb Harley

Table Topic Master:  Carol Lindwedel

Speaker #1:  Tome Terrific evaluated by George Kiser

Speaker #2:  Jack Carter evaluated by Brent Stewart

Speaker #3:  Jerry Paul evaluated by Brian Ettling

Speaker #4:  Steve Bettag evaluated by Liz Decamp

General Evaluator:  Susan Mc Connell

Rated meeting 9.7

Best Table Topic: Rob Van Winkel

Best Evaluator:  Brent Stewart

Most Improved:  Jack Carter

Best Speaker:  Jack Carter

No guests

Members present:

Brian Ettling

Rob VanWinkle

Liz Decamp

Carol Lindwedel

Dick Shields

Brent Stewart

Howard Brandt

Gary Brown

Lafe Goodfellow

Susan McConnell

Dave Domian

James Bubash

Caleb Harley

Tim Budd

Dean Bone

Jerry Paul

Steve Bettag

Jack Bettag

Tom Terrific

Jack Carter

Minutes submitted by Jerry Paul







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