Meeting Minutes – October 21, 2015

Called to order at: 7pm_________ Location: MetLife_____________
Presiding Officer: _Brent Stewart___________
Greeter____Jim Bubash_______________________
Invocator/CLE : __Howard Brandt__________________

Officers’ Reports – none

Committee Reports:
Carl Hendrickson reminded people of the 40th Anniversary Party that we are having next Wednesday.

Unfinished Business:
Adam Kutell made a motion that the club spend $60 for the District Conference so that all members can attend at not cost for the educational sessions.
Members need to signup online also and let Dick Shields know if you are attending. Meals are extra. The motion was passed.

New Business:

Lafe Goodfellow was inducted as a new member. His mentor is Adam Kutell.

Correspondence & Announcements

Rob VanWinkle invited members to a new club he is mentoring. They are having their launch party on Oct. 27th at 1800 Lafayette – 63104

Toastmaster: Vamsi Jammalamadaka
Theme:  Space Travel
Grammarian: Jack Carter________Word: _Rigamarole
Time Keeper: Jen Wilbers __________________
Vote Counter: Julie Stricklin______________
Ah Counter: Jim Ruzicka___________________
Camera Op: _Brian Ettling_____________
Table Topics : Jim Salih_________________

Speakers and Evaluators

Spkr 1:Judy Sowers________Evaluator 1:__Dick Shields______________
Spkr 2:Carol Lindwedel____Evaluator 2:__Carl Hendrickson__________
Spkr 3:Adam Jackson_______Evaluator 3:__Tom Terrific______________
Spkr 4:Jim Bubash_________Evaluator 4:__Liz DeKamp________________

Gen Eval: _Matt Ramshaw________

Joke Master: George Kiser___________

Most Improved: Adam Jackson____
Best Table Topics: _Kyle Luzynski______
Best Evaluator: Carl Hendrickson
Best Speaker___Adam Jackson_________

Meeting Rating __9.6____ Meeting adjourned at____8:57 pm________
Minutes submitted by ______Tom Terrific______


Guests:___Jim Etling and Erin Leonard_______________________
Brandt, Howard
Bubash, James
Carter, Jack
Castle. Joanna
DeCamp. Liz
Ettling, Brian
Goodfellow, Lafe
Harley, Caleb
Hendrickson, Carl
Jackson, Adam
Jammalamadaka, Vamsi
Kutell, Adam
Lindwedel, Carol A.
Luzynski, Kyle
Ramshaw, Matt
Ruzicka, Jim
Salih, Jim
Shields, Dick
Sowers, Judy
Stewart, Brent
Stricklin, Julie
Terrific, Tom
VanWinkle, Robert
Wilbers, Jen

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