Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2015

Meeting Date:  August 26th, 2015
Called to order:  7:00pm
Presiding Officer:  Dave Domian
Invocator/CLE:  Howard Brandt

Officers Reports:  None

Committee Reports:  None

Old Business:  None

New Business:
James Bubash used the last Past President Pin and was wondering the club tradition for replacing and issuing
Adam Kutell explained the past practice

Max Kaiser made motion to give James Bubash last Past President Pin.  James Bubash explained he already had the pin and was inquiring about future pins

Jack Bettag made motion to buy supply of Past President Pins to give out.  Jim Salih seconded
Discussion from Steve  Winheim and Tom Terrific

Dave Domian clarified motion on the floor:  purchase five pins to keep in lecturn and issue one to President as term expires

Adam Kutell requested an amendment to motion to automatically buy more when supply runs out.  Discussion concluded with revisiting this topic in two and a half year when supply runs out.

Club voted on motion as Dave Domian outlined and passed

Correspondence and Announcement:
Carl Hendrickson received Advanced Communicator Silver Award
President Distinguished Award given to SCTM for 2014-2015 year in the form of a banner to display

Erin Kipp announced she has flyers for Endangered Wolf Center Charity Polo match this Saturday for anybody that is interested

Business Meeting over at 7:22pm

Toastmaster:  Susan Carillo
Table Topics:  Tim Budd
Grammarian:  Adam Kutell Word:  Impunity
Ah Counter:  James Bubash
Timer:  Caleb Harley
Vote Counter:  Erin Kipp
Camera Operator:  Steve Winheim

Speaker #1:  Susan McConnell evaluated by Tom Terrific
Speaker #2:  Erin Gissel evaluated by Brent Stewart
Speaker #3:  Max Kaiser Jr. evaluated by Adam Jackson
Speaker #4:  Vamsi Jammalamadaka evaluated by Joe Brock

General Evaluator:  Jerry Paul and Jack Bettag Jokemaster

Most Improved:  Susan McConnell
Best Evaluator:  Tom Terrific
Best Table Topics:  Jack Carter
Best Speaker:  Vamsi Jammalamadaka

Meeting Rating:  9.3
Meeting adjourned:  9:03pm

Vamsi Jammalamadaka
Susan Carrillo
Dave Domian
Tim Budd
Steve Winheim
Susan McConnell
Carl Hendrickson
Howard Brandt
Jack Bettag
Brent Stewart
Jim Salih
Tom Terrific
Adam Jackson
Erin Gissell
Adam Kutell
Caleb Harley
James Bubash
Erin Kipp
Jack Carter
Joe Brock
Max Kaiser Jr.
Jerry Paul

Kyle Lewenski

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