Meeting Minutes – July 15, 2015

July 15th, 2015
Call to Order:  7:00pm
Met Life Building

Business Meeting:
Presiding Officer:  Dave Domian
Greeter:  Joe Brock
Invocator:  Vamsi Jammalamadaka

Officers Report:  None
Committee Report:  None
Unfinished Business:  None
New Business:  None
Correspondence and Announcements:  Rob Van Winkle reported on St. Louis Toastmaster Club @ Lafeyette Square.  Presently 13 members but 20 needed for charter.  Will need to move once group grows.

Dave Domian discussed Jokemaster videos on WordPress with some great ideas for that role.
Business Meeting over at 7:10pm

Toastmaster:  Jim Salih
Theme:  St. Louis Cardinals Memories
Grammarian:  Carol Lindwedel
Ahs:  Judy Sowers
Timer:  Steve Winheim
Vote Counter:  Caleb Harley
Camera Operator:  Robert Osborn II
Table Topics:  Susan McConnell

Speaker #1 Susan Carillo  Evaluated by:  Dick Shields
Speaker #2 Seth Lindsey  Evaluated by:  Dean Bone
Speaker #3 Rob Van Winkle  Evaluated by:  Brent Shields
Speaker #4 Carl Hendrickson Evlaulated by: Jerry Paul

General Evaluator:  Steve Bettag
Jokemaster:  Adam Kutell

Most Improved:  Seth Lindsey
Best Evaluator:  Jerry Paul
Best Speaker:  Carl Hendrickson

Meeting Rating:  9.5
Meeting Adjourned:  8:59pm

Jim Salih
Steve Bettag
Seth Lindsey
Dean Bone
Susan Carrillo
Carl Hendrickson
Howard Brandt
Dave Domian
Brent Stewart
Lauren Ritter
Susan McConnell
Jim Bubash
Vamsi Jammalamadaka
Judy Sowers
Steve Winheim
Caleb Harley
Adam Jackson
Adam Kutell
Rob Osborn II
Ginny Foster
Joe Brock
Carol Lindwedel
Rob Van Winkle
Dick Shields
Jerry Paul

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