Meeting Minutes – May 27, 2015

Meeting date:  5-27-15
Called to order:  659pm
Presiding Officer:  James Bubash
Greeter:  Matt Ramshaw
Invocator/CLE:  Carl Hendrickson
Officers report:  None
Committee reports:  Carl Hendrickson reported on 40th anniversary party.  Carl took a head count of members wanting the party on Wednesday night.  The night will be in October starting at 630pm, at a banquet center, meal, Master of Ceremony, Entertainment with past 40 years of accomplishments on agenda.
Steve Winnheim reported on new slate of officers recommended by committee:  Dave Domain (President), Vamsi Jammalamadaka (VP of Education), Susan McConnell (VP of Membership), Dean Bone (VP of Public Relations), Jerry Paul (Secretary), Caleb Harley (Sgt. At Arms), Carl Hendrickson (Officer at Large)  James Bubash pointed out other members can be nominated and run if they desire.
Unfinished business:  Susan McConnell presented an application for membership from David Rogers.  Jim Salih made motion to accept David into club with Rob VanWinkel second to motion.  Everyone voted in favor.  David was welcomed into the club with Tom Terrific being his mentor.
Unfinished business:  Rob Van Winkel reminded everyone of the District 8 International Evaluation contest this Friday.  The International Speech contest is this Saturday.  The location is the West Port Sheraton.  Theme is Cultures of the World.  SCTM members can attend for free.  Club already paid.  Educational seminars are Saturday afternoon.
Correspondence and Announcements:  Dean Bone made the club aware we reached President Distinguished Status
Toastmater:  Steve Winnheim
Grammarian:  Tim Budd (Word of evening:  Anecdotal)
Ah Counter:  Jerry Paul
Time Keeper:  Rob Osborn
Vote Counter:  Carol Lindwedel
Camera Operator:  Susan McConnell
Table Topics:  Dean Bone
Table Topic Participants:  Carl Hendrickson, Jerry Paul, Susan McConnell, Alan Kirby and Leon Sewkarran (All qualified)
Speaker #1: Caleb Harley Evaluated by:  Alan Kirby
Speaker #2:  Joe Brock Evaluated by:  George Kiser
Speaker #3:  Vamsi Jammamaladaka Evaluated by:  Adam Jackson
Speaker #4:  Jim Salih Evaluated by:  Jason Murphy
General Evaluator:  Tom Terrific
Jokemaster:  Leon Sewkarran
Most Improved:  Caleb Harley
Best Table Topics:  Carl Hendrickson
Best Evaluator:  Adam Jackson
Best Speaker:  Jim Salih
Meeting Rated:  9.5
Meeting adjourned:  858pm
Guest:  Connor Juelfs
James Bubash
Steve Winneheim
Matt Ramshaw
Caleb Harley
Tim Budd
Susan McConnell
Leon Sewkarran
David Rogers
Adam Jackson
Joe Brock
Carol Lindwedel
Jason Murphy
Erin Kipp
George Kiser
Howard Brandt
Carl Hendrickson
Alan Kirby
Tom Terrific
Jim Salih
Rob VanWinkle
Vamsi Jammalamadaka
Jerry Paul
Dean Bone
Meeting Minutes Submitted by:  Jerry Paul

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