Meeting Minutes – March 18, 2015

Meeting Date: __3/18/2015_____
Called to order at: __7 p.m.____ Location: ___Met Life_________
Presiding officer: ___Jim Bubash____________
Greeter___Susan McConnell___________________
Invocator/CLE : _Jerry Paul/Rob VanWinkle________

Kathleen Willis-Tienes of the Mehlville High School Speech and Debate
Team, talked about what she does for her Team. She is looking for
Toastmasters to visit and speak to the kids. Jim Bubash has her email address.
She’s also hoping to bring students to come and visit our club.
Officers’ Reports None
Committee Reports:None

Unfinished Business:None

New Business:None

Correspondence & Announcements:
Jim Bubash wanted to thank Bill Collier and Arch Engraving for once
again providing the trophies for the club.
Rob Vanwinkle reminded us of the Area 4 Contest on March 28th.
He is still looking for a few volunteers.


Toastmaster: Steve Flick_ Theme _Whose Month is it Anyhway?
Grammarian:Dave Domian______Word: Propitious
Time Keeper:_Carol Linwedel_______________
Vote Counter:Howard Brandt_________________
Ah Counter: _Erin Gissel__________________
Camera Op: __Tom Terrific_____________
Table Topics: _Alan Kirby______________
Speakers and Evaluators

Spkr 1:Tim Budd___________Evaluator 1:_Seth Lindsey _______________
Spkr 2:Jason Murphey______ Evaluator 2:_Jerry Paul_________________
Spkr 3:Joe Brock__________ Evaluator 3:_Leon Sewkarran_____________
Spkr 4:Brian Ettling______      Evaluator 4:_Dave Domian _______________

Gen Eval: _Carl Hendrickson____Joke Master: __Steve Winheim________

Most Improved: Leon Sewkarran__
Best Table Topics: Jack Carter_________
Best Evaluator: Dave Domian_____
Best Speaker_Brian Ettling__________

Meeting Rating _9.0_____ Meeting adjourned at_9:05 p.m.__
Minutes submitted by _Tom Terrific___________


Guests: Dane – Kathleen Willis-Tienes from Mehlville High School.
Brian Ettling’s parents

Bettag, Jack
Bottini, Kelly
Brandt, Howard
Brock, Joe
Bubash, James
Budd, Tim
Carter, Jack
Collier, Bill
Domian, Dave
Ettling, Brian
Flick, Steve
Gissel, Erin C.
Hendrickson, Carl
Kirby, Alan
Kutell, Adam
Lindsey, Seth
Lindwedel, Carol A.
McConnell, Susan
Murphey, Jason
Paul, Jerry
Salih, Jim
Sewkarran, Leon
Terrific, Tom
VanWinkle, Robert
Winheim, Steve

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