Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2015

Meeting Date: _Feb. 25, 2015____
Called to order at: __7 p.m.____ Location: ______Met Life______
Presiding Officer: _Jim Bubash______________
Greeter____Jack Bettag______________________
Invocator/CLE : __Jim Ruzicka________
Officers’ Reports – none
Committee Reports: None
Unfinished Business:
Speech and Evaluation Contest is next week – March 4th.
Steve Bettag is the Contestmaster and there is still space for more contestants.

New Business: There was a motion by Steve Winheim to buy manuals for new members.
Adam Kutell pointed out that we do not have a quorum, so the motion was tabled.
Correspondence & Announcements:
Toastmaster: Susan Carillo______ Theme __Hawaiian theme ___
Grammarian: __Steve Winheim_Word: __Be Prepared
Time Keeper:__Caleb Harley________________
Vote Counter: _Howard Brandt_______________
Ah Counter: __Adam Kutell_________________
Camera Op: ___Steve Bettag____________
Table Topics: Bill Collier____________
Speakers and Evaluators

Spkr 1:Cathy Money________Evaluator 1:__Jason Murphey______________
Spkr 2:Tim Budd___________Evaluator 2:__Erin Gissel_______________
Spkr 3:Tom Terrific_______Evaluator 3:__Susan McConnell___________
Spkr 4:___________________Evaluator 4:____________________________

Gen Eval: _Seth Lindsey________Joke Master: __Steve Flick__________

Most Improved: _Tim Budd______Best Table Topics: _Jack Bettag________
Best Evaluator: __Jason Murphey_ Best Speaker__Tom Terrific__________
Meeting Rating 9.3___ Meeting adjourned at_8:55p.m.___
Minutes submitted by ____Tom Terrific________

Guests:___Erin Kipp and Rich Puskarich______________________
Bettag, Jack
Bettag, Steve
Bottini, Kelly
Brandt, Howard
Brock, Joe
Bubash, James
Budd, Tim
Carrillo, Susan
Carter, Jack
Collier, Bill
Flick, Steve
Gissel, Erin C.
Harley, Caleb
Jackson, Adam
Kutell, Adam
Lindsey, Seth
McConnell, Susan
Money, Cathy
Murphey, Jason
Osborn II, Robert L.W.
Ruzicka, Jim
Sewkarran, Leon
Shields, Dick
Terrific, Tom
VanWinkle, Robert
Winheim, Steve

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