Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2015

Meeting Minutes Form
Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957
Meeting Date: January 14, 2015
Called to order at: 7:00 p.m.
Location: MetLife Building
Presiding officer: James Bubash
Greeter: Howard
Invocator: Caleb
Officers’ Reports: none
Committee Reports: none
Old Business: none
New Business:
Steve Flick – thinking about next contest, international/evaluation, area contest February/March. Will research dates and what needs to be done.

Jim Bubash – Adam bought 10 sd cards. Reimbursh  Timekeeper, 1st/ Howard 2nd $59.50 Passed
Correspondence & Announcements: Ginny will be taking a break from TM, plan on coming back around July.

Jim – emailed Jerry Paul; he is undergoing back surgery and will be taking the month of January off and will hopefully be back in February. Misses us all.

Toastmaster: Rob Osborne                Theme: Random Occurrence
Grammarian: Steve Flick                 Word: Chance (n./adj.)
Time Keeper: Tom Terrific
Vote Counter: Steve Bettag
Ah Counter: Alita Quires
Camera Op: Kelly Bottini
Table Topics: Brian Ettling

Speakers and Evaluators
Speaker 1: Seth Lindsey
Evaluator 1: Susan McConnell
Speaker 2: Cathy Money
Evaluator 2: Dean Bone
Speaker 3: Dave Domian
Evaluator 3: Jim Ruzicka
Speaker 4:  Jim Bubash
Evaluator 4: Ginny Foster

General Eval: Susan Carrillo
Joke Master: Jack Bettag

Most Improved: Dean Bone
Best Table Topics: Alita
Best Evaluator: Jim R.
Best Speaker: Seth L.

Meeting Rating: (none)  Meeting adjourned at: 9:09
TM in attendance: (26)
Jim Ruzicka
Dean Bone
Alita Quires
Ginny Foster
Steve Flick
David Domian
Tim Budd
Susan Carillo
Rob Osborn
James Bubash
Kelly Bottini
Howard Brandt
Caleb Harley
Lauren Ritter
Jim Salih
Susan McConnell
Carol Lindwedel
Jack Bettag
Steve Bettag
Tom Terrific
Judy Sowers
Cathy Money
Dick Shields
Brian Ettling
Seth Lindsey & kids (Wyatt & Aden)
Jack Carter

Guests:   Jason Murphy, Leon Sewkarran, Nicky Petty, Joe Brach, Adam Calaway, Cathy Sandstone

(Total: 26 Members & 6 Guests

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