Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2014

Jack Bettaag served as greeter.

Vamsi Jammalamadaka called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm
Carol Lindwedell gave the invocation.

President, Steve Winheim, calls for a vote on club Christmas party to be held on December 17th.

Matt Ramshaw announces that the club will be seeking volunteers for club officer positions in the next term.

James Bubash suggests holding a Tall Tales Contest.  The Calendar date still undetermined.

Carl Hendrickson announced his speech at an outside group for administrative professionals, he was well received and he acknowledges Toastmasters for his preparedness.

Brent Stewart awards Alita Quires her Full Circle Certificate.

New member (returning member) Jim Salih was inducted into membership.

Area Governor, Rob Van Winkle, asks for volunteers for District leadership.  He also requests that club members work through manuals so that the club can maintain its club distinction quality.

Toastmaster             Dean Bone
Grammarian              Susan Carillo (Truce)
Ah Counter              Tim Budd
Timer                   Susan McConnell
Vote Counter            Howard Brandt
Camera operator         Jerry Paul
Topics master           George Kiser
General Evaluator       Brent Stewart
Jokemaster              Tom Teriffic
CLE                     Adam Kutell


Alita Quires / Steve Bettag
Vamsi        / Steve Flick
James Bubash / Hunter
Cathy Money  / Judy Sowers

Best Speaker: Vamsi
Best Evaluator:  Steve Bettag
Best Table Topics:   Susan Carillo
Most Improved:  Dean Bone

Also in Attendance:  Caleb Harley, Robb Osborn, Brian Ettling, Jack Carter.

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