Meeting Minutes – October 29, 2014

Everyone was greeted by Adam Kutell

Vamsi Jamalamdaka called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm

President Steve Winheim introduced guest Caleb Harley.
Previous minutes were accepted.

Brent Stewart motions that the club not hold a meeting on 11/26/14,the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Motion passed.

Adam Kutell introduces two ideas 1) The greeter stay with guests throughout their first meeting, to serve as a knowledge base and explain the procedures. 2)  Merge the positions of invocator and Competent Leader Evaluator into one role for the evening.

Correction – Adam made a motion to merge the positions of Invocator and Competent Leader Evaluator into one role for the evening. Motion was seconded and passed.

Tom Teriffic announced Bill Collier will be speaking at the Des Peres Lodge on 10/30 for a business seminar.

Division A contest to be held on 10/30 at Oak Bend Library.

ToastMaster     Bill Collier
Camera          Steve Bettag
Vote Counter     Steve Flick
Jokemaster      Alan Kirby

Speakers (in order)

Matt Ramshaw, Carl Hendrickson, Jerry Paul, Brent Stewart, Tim Budd, Seth Lindsey

Best Speakers:   Jerry Paul/ Seth Lindsey

Evaluators (non speaking role this evening)
Susan Carillo, Alita Quires, Erin Gissel, Carol Lindwedel, Dean Bone, Vamsi

Vamsi practiced his contest speech.

Howard Brandt told a ghost story.

Also in attendance, Susan McConnell, Rob Van Winkle, Ginny Foster

Meeting Adjourned 9:00pm

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