Meeting Minutes – September 24, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:03 by Vamsi Jamalamadaka

Invocation performed by Judy Sowers

President, Steve Winheim introduces two guests, Kathy and Julie.
The comedy troupe from SCTM was well received at their performance

Previous minutes were approved

Susan McConnell gave a quick treasury report.
Current Balance  $2132
Expenses     $1266
Income       $1004

Half of the members are current on their dues.

Gina Willard requests a reimbursement of $20.68 for a gift that was given to past president Matt Ramshaw.  Motion approved.

James Bubash announces the concert fundraiser for Operation:  MISSION CONTINUES, help returning soldiers.

Toastmaster                 James Bubash
Grammarian                  Matt Ramshaw — Acuity
Ah- Counter                 Seth Lindsey
Timer                       Dave Domian
Vote Counter                Patrick Hunter
Camera Operator             Alita Quires
Competent leader evaluator  Jeff Hall
Table Topics Master         Ginny Foster
General Evaluator           Adam Kutell
Joke Master                 Howard Brandt


Kelly Brunie         Steve Flick
Bill Collier         Erin Gissell
Vamsi Jamalamadaka   Gina Willard

Also present:  George kiser, Jack Carter, Dean Bone, Robb Osborn

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