Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2014

Jerry Paul served as greeter.
James Bubash called meeting to order at 7:00 pm
Susan McConnell gave the invocation.
President, Steve Winheim introduced two visitors, Judy and Bill Mason

Carl Hendirichson motions to change bylaws of club.  Discussion was tabled pending further review.

Susan McConnell reminds us dues are due by at 9/17 meeting.

Jim Bubash announced fundraiser for returning veterans to be held on 9/26.

Rob Van Winkle still seeking volunteers for Area 4 Contest on 9/27.

Carl Hendirchson announces members from SCTM who are in the comedy troupe will be performing.

Matt Ramshaw passed around a signup sheet for the club BBQ on 10/4.

Matt Ramshaw was toastmaster and theme “9/11 Remembrance and peace”
Jim bubash grammarian “oratory”
Brent Stewart “ah-counter”
Rob Van Winkle — Timer
Dick Shields—Vote Counter
Howard Brandt–Camera Operator
Jack Bettag–CLE
Susan Carillo–Table Topicsmaster
Robb Osborn— Jokemaster


Tim Budd            Bill Collier
Dean Bone           Alan Kirby
George Kiser        Patrick Hunter
Rob Van Winkle      Ginny Foster

BEST TABLE TOPICS    Carol Lindwedell
BEST SPEAKER         George Kiser
BEST EVALUATOR       Bill Collier
MOST IMPROVED        Dean Bone

Also present: Jack Carter, Jim Ruzicka

Meeting adjourned 9:03 pm

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