Meeting Minutes August 13, 2014

Kelly Brunie served as greeter.
Meeting called to order by vamsi jamalamadaka at 7:00 pm.
Alita Quires gave invocation.
President Steve Winheim recognized guest Tim Budd

Previous minutes approved

Adam Kutell announced need for members to train at TLI for our club to receive awards.

Club BBQ to be held Oct. 4, 2014

Jerry Paul announced he is still looking for a sergeant at arms and timer for humorous speech contest on 8-20-14.

Toastmaster—————Susan Carillo
Grammarian—————-Dick Shields
Ah-Counter—————-Tom Terrific
Timer———————Dean Bone
Vote Counter————–Howard Brandt
Camera operator———–Erin Gissel
Table Topics Master——-Matt Ramshaw
General Evaluator———George Kiser
Jokemaster—————-Susan McConnell

Speakers:  Shreya Gopal, Judy Sowers, Robb Osborn
Evaluators:  Lauren Ritter, Jeffrey Hall, Vamsi Jammalamadaka

Best Speaker——–Shreya Gopal
Most Improved——-Robb Osborn
Best Evaluator——Vamsi Jammalamadaka
Best Table Topics—

Also present:  Liz Dekamp,Jack Bettag, Patrick Hunter,
Meeting Adjourned  9:00 pm

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