Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2014

At Metlife building
Called to order at 7:03 pm
Presiding Officer: Matt Ramshaw
Invocation by: Howard Brandt
Minutes Approved
Officers- No Report
Committees- No report
Old Business- None
New Business- Inducted 2 new members- Jack Carter and Dean Bone
Sudi and Shera will be hosting training program on June 21st
Rob VanWinkle will be doing something on March 27th at 9am at South County Library

Area 4 Contest – Saturday, March 22, 2014
Contests: 9:30 am
STLC Library, Tesson Ferry Branch, 9920 Lin-Ferry Dr., St. Louis, MO 63123
Robert Van Winkle – Area Governor
Tonight is Don Claire’s 5th Anniversary as a So Co Toastmaster

Meeting was turned over to Jerry Paul as Contest Master
Jerry covered rules and procedures and introduced Chief Judge Matt Ramshaw
Introduced vote counters- Kelly Bottini and Kelly Brunil
Introduced timers- Brian Ettling and Susan McConnell
Ginny Foster gave a pattern speech called “Being Awesome in February”
Jerry interviewed Ginny for 5 minutes so evaluators could get their notes together
First evaluator- Sudi
Second Evaluator- Carroll Lindwindell
Third Evaluator- Carl Hendrickson
Fourth Evaluator- Erin Geissel
Members voted
Ten minute break
Jerry Paul introduced speech contest with rules and procedures
First speech by Allen Kirby, “A Bedtime Story”
Second Speech- Shera Gopal, “When You Lose”
Third Speech- Carl Hendrickson, “A Second Chance”
Members voted
Jerry Paul presented certificates
Evaluation contest winners- 2nd place- Carl Hendrickson
1st place- Erin Geissal
Speech contest Winners- 2nd place- Carl Hendrickson
1st Place- Allen Kirby
Meeting was turned back over to Matt Ramshaw
Reviews by guests were given

Adam Kutel will be doing something on March 8th

Correction: Area 13 Speech Contest- Adam Kutell  Area Governor –
Saturday, March 8, 2014– Contest: 2:00 pm
STLC Library Headquarters – East Room 1640 S. Lindbergh.



Meeting Closed at 9:03
In Attendance:
Rob Osborn
Carl Hendrickson
Liz Decamp
Carol Lindwindell
Brain Etling
Matt Ramshaw
Ginny Foster
Allen Kirby
Sudi Gopinath
Sherya Gopal
Susan McConnell
Kelly Bottini
Kelly Brunnie
Erin Giessal
Rob VanWinkle
Patrick Hunter
Jim Ruzika
Howard Brandt
Jerry Paul
Adam Kutel
Tom Terrific
Mark Hayden
New members:
Jack Carter
Dean Bone
Andrew Lindecker
Amy Arnold

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