Meeting Minutes – February 19, 2014

Record of Meeting of South County Toastmasters – # 1957


Meeting Date: February 19, 2014

Called to order at: 7: 01 p.m. Location: MetLife Building

Presiding officer: Matt Ramshaw

Greeter:  Kelly Bottini

Invocator: George Kiser

CL Evaluator: _________________________________


Officers’ Reports:  Vice President of Education Jerry Paul reported that the club has accomplished 9 of the 10 requirements and has earned the President’s Distinguished Club Award.  He asked members to inform him of their status for achieving communication and/or leadership certification to assist him in scheduling so that these certifications can be earned in a timely fashion in order to assist in reaching President’s Distinguished Club status next fiscal year.  According to the records, the club has 49 members.


Vice President of Public Relations Jeff Hall reported that the South County Times has printed in its recent edition the picture and article of the officers’ installation. 



Committee Reports:  Jerry Paul, Contest Chair for next week’s International Speech and Evaluation Contests, reminded members of the upcoming contests and said that he will be circulating contest information to the contestants.



Old Business:  Last week club members voted on a motion to change the club bylaws to indicate that only club members could act as judges and vote in club contests.  Adam Kutell pointed out that, based on last week’s minutes, a quorum was not present and therefore this vote has no validity.  Carl Hendrickson, club parliamentarian, concurred.  President Matt Ramshaw ruled that the vote last week should be rescinded since the motion was out of order due to the lack of a quorum.



New Business:  Tom Terrific moved that the club purchase the Toastmaster material on parliamentary procedure in order that an educational session on this subject could be held at a later date.  Carl Hendrickson, club parliamentarian, raised a point of order that this motion was out of order due to lack of a quorum.  President Matt Ramshaw ruled the Toastmaster Terrific’s motion out of order.



Correspondence & Announcements:  Adam Kutell, Area 13 Governor, requested assistance for the March 8th contest.  He said that this would be a wonderful opportunity for anyone working in the Competent Leadership Manual to earn credit for acting as a contest chair.


Via an email, Max Kaiser had informed the club that former club member Jim Salih’s brother had passed away.



Toastmaster: Diane Fawcett    Theme: None

Grammarian: Matt Ramshaw  Word: “Resplendent” (used 8 times)

Time Keeper: Laurie Mestdagh

Vote Counter: Judy Sowers

Ah Counter: Tom Terrific (@ 20 crutch words + 1/2 dozen more during General Evaluator’s meeting evaluation)

Camera Op: Kelly Bottini

Table Topics: Jerry Paul


Speakers and Evaluators


Speaker 1:  James Bubash, Project #9 (“Persuade with Power”) of the CC Manual, “You Are What You Eat,” 10 minutes (9:31)

Evaluator 1: Carol Lindwedel (3:20 minutes)

Speaker 2: Susan McConnel, Project #2 (“Organize Your Speech”) of the CC Manual, “Persistence, Perseverance, Patience, Success,” 7 minutes (7:10)

Evaluator 2: Patrick Hunter (2:59 minutes)

Speaker 3: Robert Osborn, Project #5 (“Your Body Speaks”) of the CC Manual, “How to Soar Safely,” 7 minutes (6:00)

Evaluator 3: Shreya Gopal (1:45 minutes)

Speaker 4: Susan Carrillo, Project #5 (“Your Body Speaks”) of the CC Manual, “Building Credibility with Posture,” 7 minutes (6:18)

Evaluator 4: Adam Kutell (2:49 minutes)


General Eval: Kelly Brunie

Joke Master: Alan Kirby



Most Improved: Robert Osborn

Best Table Topics: Alan Kirby

Best Evaluator: Adam Kutell

Best Speaker: James Bubash


Meeting Rating : 9.5  Meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Carl Hendrickson, Acting Secretary


Guests: Dean Bone, Jack Carter, Shirley Davenport, and Donnie Wieland





Bottini, Kelly

Brandt, Howard

Brunie, Kelly

Bubash, James

Carrillo, Susan

Fawcett, Diane

Foster, Ginny

Gopal, Shreya

Hall, Jeffrey

Hendrickson, Carl

Hunter, Patrick

Kirby, Alan

Kiser, George

Kutell, Adam

Lindwedel, Carol A

McConnell, Susan

Mestdagh, Laurie

Osborn II, Robert

Paul, Jerry

Ramshaw, Matt

Sowers, Judy

Terrific, Tom

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