Meeting Minutes – February 12, 2014

Meeting Date: 2/12/2014
Called to order at 7 pm in the MetLife Building
Presiding officer: Matt Ramshaw

Officer Report  – Jerry Paul is looking for requests for March meetings.  Please email Jerry if you would like to do a specific role in the month of March.
International Speech contest is on 2/26.  Please email Jerry if you would like to participate.

Committee Report – Tom Terrific is receiving requests for speakers through the Speakers Bureau.  If you would like to add your name to the list of available speakers please see Tom.  This is an opportunity for you to speak outside the regular TM meetings.

Old Business – None

New Business – Sudi is going to order 4 TM officer pins at a cost of $37.45. (corrected) Motion was passed.

Alan Kirby brought a motion to the floor to prohibit non-SCTM members to vote at our speech contests and to change the SCTM by-laws to reflect the change in our policy.  The contests that will be amended are the International Speech and Humorous Speech contests.  Motion was passed.

Correspondence & Announcements – Brian Ettling is teaching a climate change class at Meramec CC.  He has also emailed out the details.  Cost is $25 for adults or $12.50 for seniors.
Ginny Foster visited the MAC TM group last week.
Kelly Bottini received her CC Award!  Congratulations Kelly!

Theme: The Olympics
Invocator: Jack Bettag
Toastmaster: Jim Ruzicka
General Evaluator: Steve Bettag
Timer: Jack Bettag
Ah Counter: Carl Hendrickson
Grammarian: Alan Kirby
Vote Counter: Brian Ettling
Camera Operator: Kelly Bottini
Joke Master: James Bubash

Speaker 1: Tom Terrific
Speaker 2: Don Clair
Speaker 3: Sudi Gopinath
Speaker 4: Mark Hayden

Evaluator 1: Bill Collier
Evaluator 2: Ginny Foster
Evaluator 3: Dave Domian
Evaluator 4: Jeff Hall

Most Improved: Mark Hayden
Best Table Topics: Bill Collier
Best Evaluator: Bill Collier
Best Speaker: Don Clair

Meeting rating: 9.5
Meeting was adjourned at 8:50

Attendance: Matt Ramshaw, Bill Collier, Alan Kirby, Liz DeCamp, Jerry Paul, Ginny Foster, Don Clair, Dave Domian, Kelly Bottini, Tom Terrific, Jim Ruzicka, Carl Hendrickson, Mark Hayden, Sudi Gopinath, Judy Sowers, Robert Osborne, III, Brian Ettling, James Bubash, Susan McConnell, Traci Cahill, Jeff Hall
Guests: Jack Carter, John Keith

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