Meeting Minutes – January 29,2014

Meeting Date: 1/29/2014
Called to order at 7 pm in the MetLife Building
Presiding officer: Matt Ramshaw

Officer Report – The International Speech Contest is Feb 26th.  Jerry Paul is the contest chair and he will have a sign-up sheet for those that would like to participate.

Committee Report – Carl Hendrickson spoke on behalf of the Search Committee and he mentioned 4 possible locations.  1. Holiday Inn on Lindbergh would cost $100/ night.  2. Affton White Rogers Community Center on Manchester would cost $30/ hour.  3. Tesson Ferry Branch Library would cost $10 for 3 hours.  Library activities come first and they are booked through February.  4. Rich & Charlies on Watson – room is free but we would need to have 25 people purchase dinner no less than $20.  Cost on that is negotiable.
Carl also noted that he received an email from Vickie Poinsett who is the building manager and she stated that “at this time there are no plans to sell the building or vacate it.  There are a few MetLife jobs that are being transferred to North Carolina, but at this time I (Vickie) see no need for the Toastmasters to look for another location.”

Old Business – There is a 2nd volume of the TM book being written.  Please have your submissions in by February 21 if you would like your story in the book.

New Business – Gina emailed to the members regarding the movie “Speaker”.

Correspondence & Announcements – Rob Van Winkle was a volunteer at the Webster Groves speech contest and stated that it was a successful event.
Jerry Paul presented Gina Willard with a book written by Dale Carnegie.  Thank you Gina for your service last term as President!

Shreya Gopal received her ACB Certificate.  Congratulations Shreya!

Rob Van Winkle has accepted the Area 4 Governor role.  Congratulations Rob!

Theme: Speech Marathon meeting
Toastmaster: Rob Van Winkle
General Evaluator: Jerry Paul
Timer: Alan Kirby
Group 1
Speaker 1: Jerry Paul
Speaker 2: Shreya Gopal
Speaker 3: Tom Terrific

Group 2
Speaker 1: Kelly Brunie
Speaker 2: Carl Hendrickson
Speaker 3: Gina Willard
Speaker 4: James Bubash

NO oral evaluations were given.  Written evaluations were privately presented to the speakers.

Camera Operator: Laurie Mestdagh
Invocator: Carl Hendrickson
Vote Counter: Susan McConnell
Joke Master: Vamsi Jammalamadaka

Most Improved: Kelly Brunie
Best Speaker Group 1 – Tom Terrific
Best Speaker Group 2 – Carl Hendrickson

Meeting rating: 8.5
Meeting was adjourned at 9:00

Attendance: Jerry Paul, Tom Terrific, Susan McConnell, Kelly Brunie, Robert Osborn, III, Sudi Gopinath, Shreya Gopal, Vamsi Jammalamadaka, Carol Lindwedel, Alita Quires, Carl Hendrickson, Howard Brandt, Jack Bettag, Steve Bettag, Matt Ramshaw, Rob Van Winkle, Gina Willard, Liz DeCamp, Laurie Mestdagh, Jim Ruzicka, James Bubash, Kelly Bottini, Jeff Hall, Alan Kirby
Guests: Bob Heaton, Dean

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