International Speech Contest Materials

To Do Ahead of Time

  • Get members to signup for contests
  • Get a “Pattern Speaker” for the Evaluation contest.
  • Read the current TI Contest Rule Book.
  • Fill positions for chief judge, 2 timers, 2 sgt at arms, tie-breaker judge, 2 vote counters.
  • Email forms to contestants ahead of time – bio and eligibility.
  • Order trophies/Talk to Bill Collier
  • Download/Print all necessary certificates and forms.
  • Judges – at the club level – most club members may vote.
  • Print an Agenda for the program.

More links about how to run a contest.


AGENDA ( thanks to Adam)

6:30-6:35 Meet with Chief Judge to clarify all roles and responsibilities of the officials.

Meet with tie-breaker judge and give them their ballot.

6:30-6:45 Collect bio and eligibility sheets from contestants. Pull names from hat for speaking order.

6:45-6:55 Brief contestants on rules

7:00 pm Call to order and introduction of president

7:01 pm Invocation ________________________

7:05 pm President introduces Contest Master

7:05 pm Contest Master gives overview of the contest agenda, the speaking order for each contest, and how the ballots are to be completed by judges

Ask audience to turn off any device that makes noise.

Introduce Chief Judge.

In order to qualify, an International Speeches must be between 4:30 and 7:30, while Qualifying evaluations must be between 1:30 and 3:30.

Each speech will be separated from the one following by one minute to give the judges time to fill in their ballots.

All contestants are allowed to be in the room through the entire International Speech contest, but Evaluators waiting for their turn must be absent from the room during the preceding Evaluation contestants.

The International Speech contest will be first.

Contestant #1_____________________________

Contestant #2_____________________________

Contestant #3_____________________________

Contestant #4_____________________________

Contestant #5_____________________________

The first contest will terminate with the judges’ votes being handed to the Chief Judge who will deliver them to the vote-counters.

All other members in good standing who are not officials otherwise may vote as judges, but not in a contest they are on the roster for.

After the Speech Contest, there will be a 10 minute break.

To start the Evaluation contest, our pattern speaker __________________will present a speech for all of the contestants to evaluate.

The contest Sgt. at Arms ___________________ will then escort the Evaluation Contestants out of the room to take five additional minutes to prepare their evaluations.

The current list of contestants in the Evaluation Contest are:

1. _____________________________________

2. _____________________________________

3. _____________________________________

4. _____________________________________

5. _____________________________________

Judges will be given one minute after each evaluator to fill out their ballots.

After the evaluators have completed their votes, the Chief Judge will collect the ballots and deliver them to the vote counters.

As the votes are counted, the contest master will briefly interview all the contestants using information from the bio-sheet.

Once all votes have been counted and results certified by the Chief Judge, I will issue the awards and turn the meeting over to our club president.

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