Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2013

Meeting Date and Time:  June 5, 2013, 7:00pm
Meeting Title / Theme:  Summer Vacations
Meeting Called to Order:  7:00 p.m.
Guests:   Robert Osborn (application accepted), Charles Ake and Mike Mueller

Start of Business Meeting: 7:05 p.m.
Minutes of the last meeting:  Approved with no changes

Officer Reports: None

Committee Reports: In the absence of Steve Bettag, chair of the Nominating Committee, President Jerry Paul read the Officer Slate for July through December 2013; will vote on slate next week (6/12/13) because bylaws require two weeks notice between reading of slate and voting on officer positions (first reading on May 29):
President – Gina Willard
VP Education – Erin Gissel
VP Membership – Carrie Driscoll
VP Public Relations – Carmen Wilkerson
Treasurer – Matt Ramshaw
Secretary – Shreya Gopal
Sergeant at Arms – James Bubash
Officer at Large – Carl Hendrickson
Nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Installation of new officers will be June 26; Installation Officer will be incoming Area 4 Governor Suzanne Lee (outgoing Area 4 Governor also may attend).

Old Business: None

New Business:
Item 1:  Discussion was held regarding the purchase of a wireless remote. Don Clair moved and Sudi Gopinath seconded that the Club purchase a Logitech Wireless Presenter from Amazon at a cost of $36.95.  Motion passed.
Item 2:  Membership Vice President Matt Ramshaw said that Robert Osborn has submitted an application for membership and moved that this application be accepted; seconded by Richard Hiers.  Motion passed.  Robert will be inducted next week; Coach will be Robert Van Winkle.

Correspondence and Announcements:
Item 1:  Adam Kutell announced that the leadership training for new officers will be June 29; he will circulate details via email.
Item 2:  Adam Kutell also announced that he has been nominated to serve next term as Area 13 Governor (Creve Coeur area).
Item 3:  Kathy Denton announced that she has been accepted to graduate school at Washington University and thanked Carl Hendrickson, Barb Sapienza and Brent Stewart for submitting letters of recommendation.

Business Meeting Ended: 7:25 p.m.

Roles of the Evening:
Toastmaster: Richard Hiers
Table Topics Master: Vamsi Jammalamadka (Hot Seat filling in for Topics Master)
General Evaluator:  David Wilkins
Grammarian:  Sean Page (“Onomatopoeia”)
Timer:  Jeff Hall
Camera:  Carmen Wilkerson
Invocator/Pledge of Allegiance: Don Clair
Vote Counter: Carl Hendrickson
Ah Counter: Diane Fawcett
Joke Master: Alan Kirby
Hot Seat: Vamsi Jammalamadka
Greeter: Adam Kutell

Table Topics (commenced 7:25 p.m.; concluded 7:40 p.m.):
Jerry Paul (1:53)
Adam Kutell (1:10)
Matt Ramshaw (1:38)
Petrina Monti (2:45)
Don Clair (1:22)
Howard Brrandt (1:52)
Shawn Page (1:14)

Speeches and Evaluations (commenced 7:50 p.m.):
Speaker 1:  James Bubash (10’) Evaluator 1: Sudi Gopinath
Speaker 2:  Vanessa Ostler (6’) Evaluator 2: Brent Stewart
Speaker 3:  Shreya Gopal (8′) Evaluator 3: David Domian
Speaker 4:  Kathy Denton (10‘) Evaluator 4: George Kiser

Speeches concluded 8:37 p.m.

Best Table Topic Speaker:  Jerry Paul
Best Evaluator: Sudi Gopinath
Most Improved:  Sean Page
Best Speaker:  Shreya Gopal

Meeting Rating:   10 out of 10

Meeting Concluded: 9:05 p.m.

In attendance:  26 Members and 3 Guests (one of whom became a member)
Brandt, Howard
Bubash, James
Clair, Don
Denton, Kathy
Domian, Dave
Fawcett, Diane
Gissel, Erin
Gopal, Shreya
Gopinath, Sudi
Guthrey, Kip
Hendrickson, Carl
Hiers, Richard
Kirby, Alan
Kiser, George
Kutell, Adam
Lindwedel, Carol
Monti, Petrina
Osborn, Robert (accepted as member tonight)
Ostler, Vanessa
Page, Sean
Paul, Jerry
Ramshaw, Matt
Stewart, Brent
Wilkerson, Carmen
Wilkins, David

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Hendrickson
Acting Secretary

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