How to Keep Your Laptop from Going to Sleep


I was at a recent presentation where just after the speaker was introduced, his laptop went into “sleep” mode. It took the presenter a couple of minutes to get the laptop going again and it certainly interrupted the beginning of his presentation.

Caffeine from is one program that simulates a keystroke every 59 seconds. Start it up and your presentation will never go to sleep again.

Question – why not just use Windows to make the changes?
Here’s my response.
I’m now using three different versions of Windows – XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. In each it is a little different to do. Here are the steps in the Windows 8 computer I’m using right now.
– The icon to change the power settings used to be on the bottom right – it’s gone now. Where did it go?
–  Swipe up on the right part of the screen with the mouse.
– Settings
– Control Panel
– Power Options
– Change Plan Settings
–  Change “Turn off the Display” to Never
– Change “Put the Computer to Sleep” – Never
– Save Changes
– Close out the Power Settings Panel.
 – Of course when your done, you do the same to reverse the settings.
OR – you can just click an icon with the program I suggested.

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