Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2013

Meeting Date and Time 20 February 2013, 7:00pm
Meeting Title / Theme:  Presidents Day
Meeting Called to Order:  701PM
Word of the Evening:  Legacy (n)
Guests:  Patrick Hunter and Jim Bruback (sp?)

Start of Business Meeting: 703P
Minutes of the last meeting:  Approved with no changes
Officer Reports: None
Committee Reports: None
Old Business: Adam Kutell inquired about the upcoming club contest; Steve Flick is running the contest.
New Business: None
Correspondence and Announcements:
Item 1:  Fill-in President next meeting
•       Carl Hendrickson will be filling-in for our President, Jerry Paul, at the 27 Feb meeting
Item 2:  Trivia Night MC Opportunity
•       Carl Hendrickson spoke about a volunteer MC “gig” for Trautwein Elementary School’s Trivia Night on 6 April 2013.  Please see Carl if you are interested in this role.
Item 3:  Minutes of Fame
•       Dee McAliney mentioned that she was interviewed for 2.5 minutes by Channel 2 News.
Item 4:  Speaking “Gigs”
•       Brian Ettling will be departing us in late April for work in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.  He stated that his past and upcoming speaking engagements are made better through his membership and our counsel in speaking and leadership skills.  Brian will be speaking this Saturday (2/23) at St. Louis Community College; at the Ethical Society of St. Louis (didn’t get the date); at UMSL on March 19; to a group of Buddhists on 3/30, and two (2) additional “gigs” in April.
Item 5:  St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Dogtown
•       Dee McAliney mentioned that she will be dancing and singing on a float in the Hibernian’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dogtown.
Business Meeting End: 711P

Roles of the Evening:
Toastmaster: Kevin Reichardt
Table Topics Master: Rob Van Winkle
General Evaluator: Brian Ettling
Grammarian: Dee McAliney        Report: 8 uses of word
Timer:  Sean Page
Camera:  Kathy Denton
Invocator/Pledge of Allegiance: Kathy Denton
Vote Counter: Alita Quires (Hot Seat)
“AH” Counter: Carl Hendrickson  Report: 42 total; 2 during Business, 8 during Toastmaster Introductions, 17 in Table Topics, 0 for Speakers, and 15 in Evaluations
Joke Masters: Kevin Reichardt, Dee McAliney, Dave Domain, Kathy Denton
Hot Seat: Alita Quires (Vote Counter)
Greeter: Petrina Monti
Table Topics Start: 718P
Contestants: Brian Ettling, Adam Kutell, Howard Brandt, Petrina Monti, Sean Page, Traci Cahill, Dave Domian, Kelly Bottini, Jerry Paul
Table Topics End: 741P

Speaking/Evaluation Portion Start: 750P
Speaker 1: Carmen Wilkerson (6‘)        Evaluator 1: Kelly Bottini
Speaker 2: Alan Kirby (8’)              Evaluator 2: Dave Domian
Speaker 3: Adam Kutell (5’)             Evaluator 3: Traci Cahill
Speaker 4: Matt Ramshaw (8’)            Evaluator 4: Gina Willard
Speaking/Evaluation Portion End: 852P

Best Speaker: Matt Ramshaw
Best Evaluator: Kelly Bottini
Best Table Topic Speaker: Dave Domian
Most Improved: Matt Ramshaw
Meeting Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Meeting Concluded: 901P

In Attendance: 19 members, 2 guests
Bottini, Kelly
Brandt, Howard
Cahill, Traci
Denton, Kathy
Domian, Dave
Ettling, Brian
Hendrickson, Carl
Kirby, Alan
Kutell, Adam
McAliney, Dee
Monti, Petrina
Page, Sean
Paul, Jerry
Quires, Alita
Ramshaw, Matt
Reichardt, Kevin
Van Winkle, Robert
Wilkerson, Carmen
Willard, Gina

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